• Dolphins Trade for McKinnie

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      The Miami Dolphins, who've been dealing w o-line trouble, have traded with the Ravens for Bryant McKinnie according to Ravens sources
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      1. tay0365's Avatar
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        Personally I have no problem with getting McKinnie (Even though he is nowhere close to the linemen he used to be), because he is still far better then Clabo or Martin, but why do you wait until after the bye?
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        "He's not coming here to play....he is a new motivational tool....you screw up you get fed to McKinnie..."

        You, sir, WIN THIS THREAD!! F'N AWESOME! (Not sarcastic, that is awesome).
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        I'm sure we gave up too much for him. Thats what happens when you are desperate. No leverage.
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        Nublar7 -
        Oh my. Please don't let this involve anything higher than a conditional 7th or a practice squad player.

        I guess this means Clabo is out at RT, Martin moves there and McKinnie at LT.
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        Quote Originally Posted by DefensiveEnd76 View Post
        Why in the hell would we trade for an old washed up out of shape player like McKinnie?!!! This is really stupid. We can't find someone better??!!!!
        Stopgap for this year only to keep T-hill alive. LT will be addressed in the draft.
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        Quote Originally Posted by TheWalrus View Post
        We can give him the job of keeping bugs away from the Gatorade cooler, but they'd probably just pancake him.
        Dont mention pancakes around McKinnie.
      1. realdolphin's Avatar
        realdolphin -
        itīs because we don't have any depth at O line. im sure itīs a depth move. in the offseason mckinnie and clabo are gone.
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        If they would have done this before the bye, we'd probably be 4-2. Everybody knew something had to be done after the Raven game, everyone except Ireland I guess.
      1. joenhre's Avatar
        joenhre -
        So we will trade for a tackle who maybe slightly better than the bum we already have. Hopefully they didn't trade anything more than a conditional 7th round pick.
      1. dcnr226's Avatar
        dcnr226 -
        Nobody should be complaining. This is an upgrade, albeit a small one. Something was done to address the issues, and that's all we could ask for.
      1. realdolphin's Avatar
        realdolphin -
        Im sure this happended : " no jeff , wait, we can fix it, Clabo is a good player, weīll fix it. Sherman " . bye week report.
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        Quote Originally Posted by Spesh View Post
        Dont mention pancakes around McKinnie.
        Made me chuckle...
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        @jeffzrebiecsun: Harbaugh said Ravens will get conditional late pick in return for McKinnie
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        Quote Originally Posted by realdolphin View Post
        itīs because we don't have any depth at O line. im sure itīs a depth move. in the offseason mckinnie and clabo are gone.
        Which is why the compensation better be next to nothing. McKinnie is only here for 10 games(of course more if they somehow make the playoffs).
      1. hooshoops's Avatar
        hooshoops -
        i would have liked this during the offseason bu mckinnie has been worse than martin this year...at least we have an option now though

        not very encouraging though...
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        Dolphins acquired OT Bryant McKinnie from the Ravens.
        The compensation is unclear, but it's almost certainly a day-three pick, likely a conditional one. McKinnie was benched after Week 5 by the Ravens, but is well worth a flier for the Dolphins, who are getting league-worst tackle play that's been derailing GM Jeff Ireland's masterplan. It's quite possible McKinnie will be immediately installed on the blindside, shifting LT Jonathan Martin to the right and Tyson Clabo to the bench. Clabo got humiliated in Sunday's loss to the Bills. Of course, it's also possible McKinnie has nothing left at age 34, and will end up on the bench.
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        phinfan40353 -
        I honestly think this was a "professional" move by the Fins. They put Clabo officially on notice heading into the bye. He was given 2 weeks to work on getting better. The very next game he gives up 2 important sacks. Trade approved.

        I know we want to look at it as we squandered 2 weeks, but from a PR and player relationship standpoint the Fins did this in a classy way. Yes, it cost us 2 weeks and another loss, but these types of moves pay dividends later when Free Agents are debating whether or not to sign with us.

        Regardless, this is where we are today and this is how we are approaching the future. Mount McKinnie is now protecting one side of our franchise.
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        @Ravens Harbaugh says #Ravens would get a conditional late pick in return from Dolphins.
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        Quote Originally Posted by Spesh View Post

        Extremely uninspiring.

        If we were going to do something like this, why in the hell didnt we do it 2 weeks ago?
        Exactly how I feel. Not only did we get a guy who is totally washed up, we waited until now to do it? What kind of drugs are they passing around in the Dolphins front office?
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        Who's gonna roll McKinnie off the field the first time he falls down?