• Dolphins Trade for McKinnie

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      The Miami Dolphins, who've been dealing w o-line trouble, have traded with the Ravens for Bryant McKinnie according to Ravens sources
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        Just don't let him and John Jerry go out to dinner together!
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        Quote Originally Posted by MRojas4 View Post
        Well, heres to drafting Jake Matthews or Taylor Lewan
        No...not another Michigan LT...
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        It wasn't widely known that Monroe was available. Apparently, the Ravens just called and worked it out quietly. Several other teams were quoted (on PFT, I believe) as saying they would have liked to be in on it if they'd known he was available.

        Bottom line, you can blame Ireland for not being more proactive, but it's not like the Jags called us and offered to sell us the guy for some driftwood. Ravens got a ****in steal.
        IMHO, this is immaterial. GM's call around about players on a daily basis. When you see a low hanging fruit of a marquee position you need to check in at least once a more nth to let your interest be known. If they say he is not available or they don't want to trade in divisionor in state, or if tthe player is not willing to listen, those are fair answers.

        But he is a marquee player in the final year of his contract on a rebuilding team who already drafted his replacement ... how does a GM NOT know he is available? He plays a position of obvious need. I don't buy that Ireland did not know. I'm guessing we inquired and were told no because we compete for market share in Florida. But, webdis not hear that. We were fed the ridiculous line that we did not know he was available ... Which would be an unacceptable reason in my book if true.
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        Considering everything, I wonder if something is wrong with Clabo and the staff was hoping the week off would cure it? I can hope maybe. Mckinnie might just have enough gas in his tank combined with some Miami PEDs( I doubt Mckinnie cares about being suspended ) to be an average lt tackle for us.
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        Quote Originally Posted by Sirspud View Post
        People have been complaining that anything would be better than Clabo and that the organization would be crazy to not try and fix the situation with other personnel. Now they do and the move is condemned here.

        I don't think Mckinnie is gonna be great, but it's gonna be hard not to be an improvement on Clabo. This could be a season saving move not just for the results at the line position, but also because its gonna gonna give the offense a little confidence boost and encouragement.
        Hell if anybody watched the bills game would see that ANY OF YOU GUYS would have been an upgrade over Clabo , i watched on one play when Williams hit Tannehill that Clabo DIDNT EVEN TOUCH Willams , i mean how hard is it to atleast throw your body in front of Williams to atleast slow him down >?? BUT HE DIDNT EVEN DO THAT , Hell Williams wasnt even touched , and Tannehill said if he would have had atleast a split second longer , i mean i could have atleast slowed Mario down , it was just like there was nobody playing RT at all on that play it was pitiful , dont know what Clabo was thinking but he could have atleast got in front of him , and he didnt even do that .
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        Quote Originally Posted by TheMageGandalf View Post
        Its ridiculous because it was evident week 1 that this wasn't going to work and they let it go until the beginning of week 7 when teams would want a kings ransom for anyone decent and so we end up with a dude that we should've gotten as a FA and all we would've lost was $$$ on a one year deal....now we lose $$$ AND a Draft pick...
        come on , its not like were giving up a top notch draft pick for him, hell after the first rd were done anyways , because the only pick we ever get right is in the first (1st) RD .