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  • Dolphins Trade for McKinnie

    Jay GlazerVerified account@JayGlazer3h
    The Miami Dolphins, who've been dealing w o-line trouble, have traded with the Ravens for Bryant McKinnie according to Ravens sources
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Dolphins Trade for McKinnie started by RB23RW34 View original post
    Comments 286 Comments
    1. JERSEYFINFAN23's Avatar
      could have gotten Monroe for a 4th
    1. MarinoEqualsGod's Avatar
      MarinoEqualsGod -
      Why the hell didn't we do this 2 weeks ago???
    1. Yessir's Avatar
      Yessir -
    1. Daytona Fin's Avatar
      Daytona Fin -
      Quote Originally Posted by Spesh View Post

      Extremely uninspiring.
      Extremely uninspiring > clabo
    1. Zounds's Avatar
      Zounds -
      If we gave up anything more than a 7th rounder in the year 2027 I'm gonna be pissed. Bad player at worse timing.
    1. studsatele's Avatar
      studsatele -
      What? Why? Isn't o-line an area where chemistry and talent are equally important? I mean, you cant just grab a guy and plug him in somewhere and expect him to be on par, am i right? Sorry but this wreaks of death convulsions to me. Be nice if i were wrong.
    1. Dolphins7273's Avatar
      Dolphins7273 -
      Ireland earns yet another freckle today.
    1. LouPhinFan's Avatar
      LouPhinFan -
      If we gave up more than a 6th round pick for "Party hard McKinnie" then Jeff Ireland should be fired immediately.
    1. SkapePhin's Avatar
      SkapePhin -
      What a circus. I'm almost more pissed about this trade, than the Clabo thing. McKinnie sucks so much that the ravens traded for a guy mid season to replace him, and now we trade for the guy who was replaced!

      A dog chasing its tail!

      The timing, the player, the situation... All awful! Just wait til we see the compensation!

      If this doesn't pan out, gut the team. This was a systemic failure of the highest order.
    1. finz99's Avatar
      finz99 -
      I usually stand behind this coaching staff and front office, but this is a downright horrible move.
    1. AEGBRG's Avatar
      AEGBRG -
      Just as you thought Ireland could not get any dumber, this is his solution? I will upgrade from the 66th rated tackle in the league to the 65th and give up something for it.
    1. Travis34's Avatar
      Travis34 -
      Not sure how much of an upgrade this really is...
    1. Miami 13's Avatar
      Miami 13 -
      This is embarrassing and screams desperation obviously.
    1. Dr. Phin's Avatar
      Dr. Phin -
      I think there is some "cornfed crow" to be eaten around this place...
    1. outlawd2u's Avatar
      outlawd2u -
      So Clabo is so bad that we traded for McKinnie who is so bad that the Ravens traded for another OT and made McKinnie inactive the last 2 weeks? Brilliant!
    1. stephins87's Avatar
      stephins87 -
      Holy cow are you kiddin me?
    1. DefensiveEnd76 -
      McKinnie rated as the 65th best tackle, Clabo the 66th. So we really upgraded. LMAO!!!! What a joke
    1. DzakkH13's Avatar
      DzakkH13 -
      Slight upgrade in the pass blocking area. McKinnie has been a terrible run blocker thus far.
      I suspect it's a conditional pick based on playing time. I wouldn't expect it to be more than a couple of late round picks (6th/7th).
    1. DefensiveEnd76 -
      I think this confirms that Ireland is a fool.
    1. Zounds's Avatar
      Zounds -
      The only way this could be good is if we traded a player for McKinnie, like if Clabo was traded or
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