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  • Ask a Fan: Hayden Fox's Week 9 Assessment

    * Won the Turnover Differential 4-1. The difference in the game.
    * Cameron Wake....WOW! Walk off safety. 3 sacks and FF. Unbelievable impact.
    * Ryan Tannehill. This was the game I was looking for him to have. Managed the game beautifully. He went 20-28, 208 yards, a rush TD and NO TURNOVERS. He got the team into better plays during the game. He handled the offense so well. With about a minute left and one timeout RT leads the team down the field to get into position to tie the game with a field goal. Excellent night.
    * Mike Wallace. Great to see him comeback with a tremendous game. 82 yards on 6 catches. The PI he drew was a huge play in the game that it at least flipped field position that eventually pinned the Bengals to set up the Wake Safety. Wallace seemed much more comfortable tonight.
    * Lamar Miller. He has had two straight excellent games. Tonight, he went over the century mark with 105 yards on 16 carrries with a long of 41.
    * Brian Hartline's clutch catch on the sideline on the game tying drive. The toe tap was incredible.
    * THE OFFENSIVE LINE (yes, I was able to type "offensive line" under positives. 157 yards rushing for 5.2 a rush. The pass protection was solid. 3 sacks, but RT's pocket was pretty solid. The Bengals have an excellent Dline and the Fins big guys held their own.
    * Props to Tyson Clabo. The guy is at the end of his career yet he came in and gave solid effort.
    * Nate Garner. I am huge Garner supporter. I think he should have been starting. Be that as it may, Garner came in for Richie Incognito after he suffered an injury and Garner did not miss a beat. Nobody should be surprised that he was ready and played well. Solid pro.
    * Paul Soliai was a load inside. He had a sack and PD. He pushed the pocket well as well. Stout versus the run.
    * The pressure by the DT's made a huge impact tonight. Soliai, Randy Starks and Jared Odrick collapsed the pocket all night.
    * Dannell Ellerbe. The guy took some heat this week by "experts" in the national media. Ellerbe was awesome tonight especially in pass defense. He had 4 PD's and an interception.
    * On Ellerbe's pick, Jimmy Wilson had good coverage and separated the ball from the receiver as he juggled the ball.
    * Brent Grimes deserves a long day off. He played his butt off tonight. The 94 yard pick six was a huge play. He was gutsy taking on ball carriers. He took on the bigger A.J. Green all night and more than held his own.
    * Dimitri Patterson's interception at the end of the half. The Bengals inexplicably were trying to score at the end of the half, promptly throw a pick to Patterson. It sets up an important FG at the end of the half.
    * Olivier Vernon was very active today. He seems to be turning the corner for the team.
    * The Red Zone stop by the defense on the 3rd Cincinnati drive. Miami had just got a turnover, but missed a FG....Cincinnati was driving, but came up short of the end zone. Big stop when you look at the final result.
    * ALL defenders deserve credit. They played hard and a TON of snaps. They played their asses off.
    * Brandon Fields punted well all night. However, the last punt that pinned the Bengals back leading to the Wake Safety was most important.
    * Credit to Caleb Sturgis. No doubt he was in a slump, but missed his first attempt tonight...a chip shot. Yet, Sturgis came back strong later in the game with a field goal near the end of the half and a game tying FG at the end of regulation.
    * We must give credit to Mike Sherman. Sherman finally committed to the run and had great success. The run game design was awesome. Through formation variation, motion and going big up front using Will Yeatman, the Fins were creative with the running game. 30 running attempts to 28 passes. Outstanding.
    * Credit to Coach Turner for having back ups ready to play today. It has been a tough year for him, but tonight he should be proud.
    * Joe Philbin. In a crazy, crazy, crazy week, Joe found a way to keep the team together, fight hard and his team found a way to win a crazy one.
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    1. scodoublet's Avatar
      scodoublet -
      Awesome Write-Up!

      With all the bad press going on, nice to see it didn't get into the players heads. I only believe 50% of what the talking heads say, but I could have seen how all the 0-4 streak, Martin breakdown, losing 2 games in a row with a lead, then seemingly happening again last night...all that adds a lot of pressure, but Miami got it done! They stayed focused and played great (besides on 3rd downs) and "Wake is Back!"

      When I saw Grimes laying in the endzone after that monster return, I said "get that man some oxygen!" then after the commercial break, they showed him sucking on the oxygen...too funny!
    1. phishxhead's Avatar
      phishxhead -
      Quote Originally Posted by Hayden Fox View Post
      I urge others of you to join me and support the idea of NOT BLOWING THINGS UP. That includes the GM btw.
      There is no good case to be made for keeping him. Look at all his drafts, garbage. Drafts are the foundation of a successful organization and he has failed repeatedly. Look at his all the big money he wasted on FA. You cant tell me the odds are against getting someone that will do better. On top of that he comes across as an a-hole.
    1. Billk78's Avatar
      Billk78 -
      Does anyone know who downed the Fields punt in OT on the 7? It was a great play and a key play that isn't being mentioned much. Our guy was down there right away and was able to grab the ball before it went into the end zone. If he's not there in perfect position the Bengals start at the 20 with much more breathing room.
    1. nick1's Avatar
      nick1 -
      short yardage wouldn't be so bad if they run QB sneaks or hand the ball to Clay at FB. we converted a QB sneak for a TD and a 3rd and short with a Fb dive do more of the same

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      Quote Originally Posted by Billk78 View Post
      Does anyone know who downed the Fields punt in OT on the 7? It was a great play and a key play that isn't being mentioned much. Our guy was down there right away and was able to grab the ball before it went into the end zone. If he's not there in perfect position the Bengals start at the 20 with much more breathing room.
      Jimmy Wilson I'm pretty sure
    1. where's th'fish's Avatar
      where's th'fish -
      I'll just comment that we might as well omit Miller's 41-yard run when looking at his stats. Even considering the long return was unfortunate, the turnover completely erased any value the run might have had.
    1. MiamiDolphin618's Avatar
      MiamiDolphin618 -
      Great Writeup as usual. The fact that Cam Wake is healthy again is a huge difference..a complete game changer for this team. He is THE best player on the team and its not even close. Im not going to say we would have won so and so yada yada but everyone who watches him knows he can change a game by himself. Also...man Patterson is a player. Gotta keep him on the field because the dropoff is steep.

      Two complaints I have. Jimmy Wilson is awful in coverage. Good ST player..and yeah he had a big hit causing that INT. But he gets beat consistently. Where is Jamar Taylor? I know they like the experience with Wilson..so maybe its a scheme thing. But Im worried with Taylor not being able to work himself into that rotation with Wilson in front of him. Not to mention when patterson and Carroll went down they brought in Standford over Taylor. I have high hopes for the kid but thats confusing stuff right there.
      Second negative would be short yardage. Stop giving the ball to Daniel Thomas on 3-1. Take it out of the playbook. Give it to clay or for heavens sake please call a QB SNEAK! Its 3rd and inches Tannehill should get that every single time. SNEAK SNEAK SNEAK!
    1. Inch78's Avatar
      Inch78 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Hayden Fox View Post
      My wife was somewhat angry with me this morning...I am not sure why. Maybe it was my bitching and moaning with Daniel Thomas on short yardage plays or maybe it was me busting into the room last night with her dead asleep and piled on her yelling, "we won, won! we won on a safety!" lol.
      Ha ha. Similar situation to me - here in the UK, the game finished after 4am. At which point I woke up the wife and my 2 daughters by shouting 'Cam F****in Wake!' Looks like I'm on decorating duty this weekend...
    1. fishfanmiami's Avatar
      fishfanmiami -
      Front page write up. Now you're in the big time Hayden . Well deserved

      This game reminded me of what football is all about. Forget the schemes and injured players on both side. Our team wanted it more and found a way to deliver.
      The D was completely exhaused after being on the field the entire 3rd quarter but battling through leg cramps and physical exhaustion and found the strength to fight to the end and victory.
      Despite all the BS swirling around the OL they only allowed 3 sacks and ran the ball effectively. Props to Ryan for getting the job done when it counted as well.

      Now let's smoke Tampa and make a run at the playoffs
    1. Wildbill3's Avatar
      Wildbill3 -
      Any good write up can be featured on the front page. but if I have to do a ****load of editing to make it somewhat presentable... forget it. ain't nobody got time for that.
    1. firefish25's Avatar
      firefish25 -
      Nice win for us at home!!! Just need to make some stops on 3rd down and we'll be cool!
    1. Hayden Fox's Avatar
      Hayden Fox -
      Quote Originally Posted by Heinegrabber View Post
      Dont understand this critism if Atkins and Bernard finish this game we lose in regulation.
      Care to revise the thought that Marvin Lewis is a good game day coach?