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  • Ask a Fan: Hayden Fox's Week 10 Assessment

    * Ryan Tannehill was solid tonight. With no semblance of a running game, RT managed a solid game. 27-42, 229 yards, 2 TD's and 1 int (desperation heave at the end of the game). He also managed a great 2 minute drill at the end of the game.
    * Rishard Matthews had a coming out party. He was excellent out of the slot. He had 120 yards on 11 catches and 2 TD's.
    * 3rd down defense. Held the Bucs to 3-12 on the money down.
    * Jimmy Wilson's interception.
    * Dion Jordan had pressure on the QB on the Wilson pick.
    * Nolan Carroll had a perfectly executed blitz.
    * Marcus Thigpen's punt return that set up a Dolphins score.
    * Brandon Fields punt that perfectly went out of bounds inside the one.
    * Marlon Moore's hit on a KR.

    * On a week we heard about the team being fired up and "together", the team came out absolutely flat. No energy.
    * Once again the team started out flat and again could not finish.
    * The team showed to be undisciplined. Mike Pouncey took an early personal foul. Later, late in the game Phillip Wheeler, gives a blow to the head of a Mike Glennon that keeps alive a drive that kills more clock.
    * Gave up a TD that won the game for TB after Miami had gone ahead with a 19-15 lead and momentum.
    * 2 yards rushing for the entire game. A franchise low. 0.1 yards per rush.
    * Michael Egnew misses a blitzing LB that leads to an easy safety.
    * John Jerry yielding two sacks in crunch time.
    * Pass pro melted late.
    * RT missing an open Mike Wallace as his throw took him out of bounds.
    * Terrible chemistry between Tannehill and Wallace.
    * Charles Clay. Multiple drops and showed limited awareness in his routes and when running the ball.
    * RT staying in the pocket, but had a chance to run while in the Red Zone.
    * Run defense. Gave up 140 yards to a team without both its starting RB's and everyone in the world knowing they would run the ball.
    * Bad Tackling. Missed tackles. Terrible form. Dline played on skates. Olivier Vernon losing contain. He is not setting the edge.
    * Changed later, but the Bucs were able to match up Vincent Jackson against a LB.
    * Chris Clemons dropped an interception chance. From there, the Bucs punt and back up the Dolphins inside the 1 yard line. That leads to a Bucs safety.
    * Terrible PI call on Brent Grimes.
    * Marcus Thigpen losing valuable yards by taking the ball out of the end zone.
    * Punt coverage team yielded a long return, plus five yards to set a Bucs FG.
    * No TD after the Thigpen PR.
    * Thigpen not attempting a return and instead fair catching it even though he had a chance to make some yards with a return.
    * Conservative play calls in close after the Wilson pick. No killer instinct to put the opponent away.
    * The team did not blitz until later in the game. They had success, but waited back and played coverage early and lost.
    * Going for 2 points with seconds left in the 3rd. IF they would have taken the extra point, they might have had a shot to win the game with a FG at the end of the game instead of tie. Poor game management.

    Overall Assessment
    * I never bought the narrative that this was going to be fired up and take it out on the Bucs tonight. This team has shown to be mentally weak and lack direction from the head coach. This is a very weak group in terms of showing toughness...players and coaching staff included.
    * It kind of makes me sick that the players were indignant about people questioning their locker room and they in turn go out and lay and egg.
    * With all that said, how is the team NOT ready and fired up to start out? How is there NOT controlled aggression? Where is the staff putting the team in positions that they perform best in so they can "play fast"? Where is a "razzle dazzle", trickeration to get the team pumped up and having fun? In a stadium where they are ready to turn on their home team, the Fins breathed life into the Bucs and made it a game. Unacceptable.
    * I am tired of hearing what Jonathan Martin wants. Martin is a weak person that had no social skills to avoid America's latest controversy. He created a distraction. He tore apart an offensive line. The focus from the owner to the press is about Jonathan needs. Disgusting. I never want him to play for Miami again.
    * I am sure the national media is happy Miami lost. From Mike Florio, to Jason Laconfora, to Tom Jackson, to Shannon Sharpe are busting right now. ESPN is fired up that Bucs got their first win against the Fins.
    * With that said, ESPN struggled tonight. Mike Tirico said the Pouncey penalty was a "15 yarder on Incognito" and twice Jon Gruden kept calling Clay, "William Clay".
    * Steven Ross meant well, but created a distraction by having his presser before the game. He should have let the team play and have his presser in Davie tomorrow or had it last week. Ross means well, but it was awful timing.
    * Jeff Ireland is obviously in trouble. He might be the fall guy. However, Jeff Ireland is not putting together the game plan nor motivating the team. Joe Philbin is leaving a lot to be desired right now.
    * I still do not think Joe Philbin is off the hook btw. I know that Ross raved about him, but at the end of the day the NFL's report is going to come out and show that the locker room was not a good working environment and things went on that "should not have"...that is on Philbin. Plus, Philbin needs to make a difference on game day from here on out. I saw a listless team for the first two quarters and again one that cannot finish.
    * Joe Philbin gives the team no advantage. Not one of motivation. Not one of game planning/strategy leading into a game. Not one of intellectual prowess on game day. I am confused on what he brings that is so important for the organization to hold on to. How can the team not be focus for 3 hours on game day? That is on the head coach. This team is not coached well.
    * Make no mistake about it, Miami lost to a bad team tonight. Mike Glennon is terrible. They were without both Doug Martin and Mike James. They have a terrible pass D...yet Miami lost. A brutal loss.
    * With that said, Miami is still in it. The season is NOT over. However, next week is a must win versus San Diego. Win and they are still in it. Lose and it is over. The distractions and investigations will eat this team alive. 4pm at Sun Life...whatcha got Miami?
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      packfin -
      Once again, well done HF.