• Dolphins interview Eagles Bill Lazor for OC


      "Lazor didn't just materialize on the Eagles staff last year. He has worked for Dan Reeves in Atlanta, Joe Gibbs in Washington, Mike Holmgren in Seattle and Kelly here. He has coached NFL quarterbacks and spent three seasons as offensive coordinator at the University of Virginia."

      Bill Lazor: In my own capacity as quarterbacks coach, I think there are two main things for me to do: Be a great teacher and be demanding. You've got to know your position inside and out. Then you have something to offer the players. Once that transmission of knowledge is in place, you need to set high expectations and draw out what you've taught them. You want to see it go from head knowledge to performance on the field.

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      1. MP-Omnis's Avatar
        MP-Omnis -
        We need more on-the-field coaches.
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        Highzenga -
        Did Chip Kelly call the plays in Philadelphia?
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        Hayden Fox -
        Quote Originally Posted by Highzenga View Post
        Did Chip Kelly call the plays in Philadelphia?

        Of course
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        phinfan33 -
        Based on what i've read, i'd be ok with him. I'm with u HoneyB...tired of these old men who're set in their ways.
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        realdolphin -
        He did a marvelous job with nick foles, he is a very interesting option. id also be ok with him
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        levv151 -
        coming from a very explosive offensive scheme too...I'm down with this...sort of a wild card too
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        39wildman -
        tannerhill would do better w runningback and keep ball sometime and run for first down, need work on his long ball bad every qb in nfl hit wide open wr down field. we need n.e asst gm is who we need in scouting department of dolphins
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        twanderer -
        Heard he signed
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        HoneyB -
        Welcome to Miami, Bill!