• 6th Annual FinHeaven Awards Winners

      .....AND THE AWARDS GO TO.....

      After more than a month of nominations and voting, the results of the 6th Annual FinHeaven Awards are finally in. Congratulations to the following for not only being nominated, but receiving enough votes from your fellow posters to win the category.

      Best Overall Poster - hooshoops
      Rookie Of The Year - HumbleColtsFan
      Best Political Forum Poster - Buddy
      Best College Sports Poster - ChambersWI
      Best Ladies Lounge Poster - dreday
      Best VIP Poster - silverfin
      Best Of The Lounge - fishfanmiami
      Best Draft Forum Poster - hooshoops
      Most Controversial - Hayden Fox
      Most Artistic/Creative - DisturbedShifty
      News Hound - Nublar7
      Thread Of The Year - WVDolphan (WVDolphan's Get Real - Jeff Ireland "Like a Boss")

      Winners will receive a special badge that will honor their victory and will also receive a free 3 month subscription to the FinHeaven VIP forum.

      On behalf of FinHeaven, congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to the 7th Annual FinHeaven Awards next January.

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      1. Chubby's Avatar
        Chubby -
        Congrats to all the winners!!
      1. A&O's Avatar
        A&O -
        Thumbs way up to all the winners. Way to go!