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    by Published on 11-22-2015 12:57 PM

    Dallas comes to town this week to take on the Dolphins at home.

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    by Published on 11-16-2015 12:47 PM     Number of Views: 1704 


    * Great character win. The team battle back from an early deficit. Things did not go well early again, but the team kept grinding. They easily could have gone in a shell, but they kept fighting. Major contributors were out with the injuries and backups we had not seen much of came it and played well. Considering this was the third road game in a row against a hot team, this was an excellent win.
    * Plus 1 turnover differential.
    * 17 unanswered points.
    * From late round draft picks to undrafted free agents, rookie players stepped up everywhere. Neville Hewitt, Zach Vigil, Bobby McCain, Mike Hull and Tony Lippett we have not seen much of until today. All came up and played key snaps with starters going down. Add to the mix the work that Ajayi, Jordan Phillips, Andrew Franks and Matt Darr and the Class of 2015 came up big today.
    * Ryan Tannehill's toughness.
    * Lamar Miller did it as a runner and receiver. He had 43 yards on 16 carries. As a receiver he had 50 yards on 6 catches and a TD.
    * Jay Ajayi ran tough again. He had 48 yards on 6 carries.
    * Rishard Matthews had 93 yards on 5 receptions for 18.6 per reception. Huge, clutch day for Matthews.
    * Jarvis Landry being alert after a Tannehill pass caromed off of a Eagles' defenders helmet. Landry caught the ball for what was the game winning score.
    * Jason Fox was much better this week.
    * 3rd down defense was 7-18 which is 39%, but the third down D was much better in the 2nd half.
    * Rush defense was excellent as they gave up 83 yards on 36 carries for 2.3 per carry.
    * Strong pass rush today. They had 4 sacks and 10 pressures.
    * Red Zone defense. Held the Eagles to 2-5 in the Red Zone.
    * Ndamukong Suh was completely dominant. He had 8 TOT, 7 solo, 1 sack, 3 TFL and 3 QB hits. He was a one-man wrecking crew.
    * Reshad Jones was a monster today. Jones' interception of Mark Sanchez was huge as the Eagles were looking to go ahead. He had 9 TOT, 7 solo, 1 sack, 1 TFL, 1 PD, 1 QB hit.
    * Derrick Shelby had a strip sack, 4 TOT, 3 solo. He brought strong pressure off the edge.
    * Olivier Vernon had 6 pressures.
    * Kelvin Sheppard had 11 TOT, 8 solo and 2 TFL's.
    * Chris McCain's jarring sack on Sam Bradford. He got the sack and forced a fumble. Bradford was knocked from the game.
    * Zach Vigil's punt block. The block came at a huge time the team needed momentum.
    * Walt Aikens open field tackle on a Darren Sproles punt return.
    * Caleb Sturgis miss. Sturgis killed Philadelphia's momentum.
    * Loved how physical the team was today. Between McCain's hit. Jamar Taylor's 3rd down stick of Jordan Matthews, to hard hits by Jones and Sheppard, to some tough blocks by receivers on offense, the team beat up and out-physicaled the Eagles.
    * Love Miller not backing down from an Eagles' defender after scoring a TD.
    * The coaching staff stepped up big today. Campbell did not panic when his team was down early. He kept his team working. Bill Lazor had a solid return to Philadelphia. He stayed balanced and got enough out of his offense to get the win. Lou Anarumo had a rough start, but made adjustments and his players played much better after the 2nd quarter. Darren Rizzi's special teams helped snatch momentum back with a big punt block. Also, tip of the cap to LB Coach Mark Duffner and DB Coach Blue Adams. Both had starters go down with injuries today, but they had their replacements ready to play. Simply a strong effort from the coaching staff today.
    * Dan Campbell's challenge of a Bradford fumble.
    * Loved some of the play calls today. The wheel route to Miller for 35 yards on the opening drive helped set up a score. The the play design in which Miller and Ajayi were on the field together was creative.
    * The Patriotic ceremony pre game in which the eagle flew on to the field.

    * Slow start.
    * Another safety.
    * 84 yards on 8 penalties.
    * 5-15 the offense was on 3rd down.
    * The offense was 2-4 in the Red Zone.
    * Gave up four sacks and lots of pressure.
    * Kenny Stills' drop of a perfect deep ball by Tannehill.
    * 4 minute offense that could not ice the game late. They needed one more 1st down to end the game and they could not get it.
    * Vernon not being able to scoop a fumble that would have put the ball at least in the red area for the offense.
    * C.J. Mosley penalty that took away a Hewitt pick.
    * The Eagles had a poor snap and Shelby could not recover the ball.
    * Nobody being able to recover a fumble caused by McCain.
    * 2 DB's covering one receiver in the end zone while leaving Brent Celek wide open for Philadelphia's first TD.
    * Big plays given up to wide open TE's.
    * Damien Williams fumbling a kickoff in the end zone, panicking and bring the ball out in which he was tackled at the 1. I truly believe he did not know the rule and thinking if he muffed the kick, he had to bring the ball out. Terrible decision making.
    * Landry's no fair catch in which the offense had to start inside the ten.
    * Landry drawing a personal foul which killed field position around midfield.
    * Too many routes short of the chains on 3rd down.
    * Why is Williams returning kicks with a bum hand?

    Overall Assessment
    * What a great character win today. On the road for three straight weeks, after getting blown out the two weeks prior and off to a poor start, Miami looked in trouble. However, the team kept plugging away. The team's best players stepped up as did players that had not contributed to this point in the season. Playing without Wake and Brent Grimes and having some other players go down with injuries, Miami had adversity. There were some ugly parts of the stat line, but Miami found a way to make enough plays to get a much needed victory.
    * Tip of the cap to the front office today. The FO has been getting killed this week. However, they should take a bow with late round picks and undrafted free agents coming up big today.
    * Great that the team caught some breaks today. Seems like everything has gone against the Fins this year. However, today they got some.
    * I will be honest. I thought Sanchez was going to drive the field and we would lose on Sturgis field goal. I am conditioned into thinking like this. However, it was simply tremendous the team stepped up and made enough plays to get the win.
    * Ryan Tannehill has to get better in the 4th quarter. He needs to start coming up much more clutch then he does. Far too many times, he comes up small. The QB has to start stepping up.
    * Great to see Jason Laconfora get ripped today. He had two "insider" stories. One was about Bill O'Brien going to Maryland and the other was about Eddie Debartolo getting part ownership with the Raiders. By 1pm, both stories were shown to be completely false. In O'Brien's case, respected writer John McClain showed JLC's information to be wrong. The best was the actual statements made by Mark Davis and Debartolo themselves. If you get a chance, go read them. They torch Laconfora. I am shocked CBS keeps him on TV as their "insider". There is so much more talent out there to replace that bag of wind.
    * Look, it is going to be hard for the Fins to make the playoffs. That said, they are just one game out from the playoffs. For the rest of the year, I want to see this team work as hard as they did today, improve in certain areas and win some games as we go. Let's have some fun the rest of the way and enjoy our football and see where things end up.
    by Published on 11-15-2015 09:08 PM  Number of Views: 443 
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    Losing Skid Comes To End

    The last two weeks have not been kind to the Miami Dolphins. The team was left battered and demoralized after two devastating losses to AFC East foes. Sunday they faced the task of traveling to a hostile stadium to face a surging Philadelphia Eagles team and they handled it well. The game started eerily similar to the past two weeks with another early safety. The Dolphins quickly found themselves behind 16-3. Despite several injuries on the defensive side of the ball, they were able to stand strong and limit the Eagles to one field goal in the final three quarters en route to a 20-19 victory.

    Ndamukong Suh had three quarterbacks hits and a sack and led the charge for the defense. Ryan Tannehill guided two touchdown drives in the second and fourth quarters that was just enough to put away the Eagles. Miami is now done with their unwelcome three game road trip and return home to face the Dallas Cowboys. The next five out of the final seven games will be played at Sun Life Stadium. A breath of fresh air so to speak for the struggling Dolphins. It will be interesting to see if they can take advantage of the opportunity as the AFC wild card picture is in dire straits at the moment.

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