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  • Nublar7

    by Published on 03-07-2015 02:18 PM     Number of Views: 3143 
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    .....AND THE AWARDS GO TO.....

    The results of the 7th Annual FinHeaven Awards are finally in. Congratulations to the following for not only being nominated, but receiving enough votes from your fellow VIP posters to win the category.

    Best Overall Poster - Daytona Fin
    Rookie Of The Year - Tannenballs
    Best Political Forum Poster - Buddy
    Best Other Sports/College Sports Poster - fishfanmiami
    Best Ladies Lounge Poster - dreday
    Best VIP Poster - silverfin
    Best Of The Lounge - fishfanmiami
    Best Draft Forum Poster - TedSlimmJr
    Most Controversial - dlockz
    News Hound - Daytona Fin
    Thread Of The Year - Flip Tanneflop Ė (WVDolphan's Get Real - "Standing on a soft 17/Cheeseburger hijack)

    Winners will receive a special badge that will honor their victory and will also receive a free 3 month subscription to the FinHeaven VIP forum.

    On behalf of FinHeaven, congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to the 8th Annual FinHeaven Awards next year.

    by Published on 10-19-2014 08:23 PM  Number of Views: 2514 
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    Tannehill has big day in 27-14 win over Chicago

    After suffering a last second loss last week to the Green Bay Packers, there was some concern of a let down by the Dolphins as they traveled to windy Chicago to take on the Bears this week. There was no let down and it featured a dominate performance by quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

    Tannehill completed his first 14 passes of the day and finished the day 25 of 32 for 277 yards, 2 touchdowns and no interceptions. He also added 48 yards on the ground in 6 attempts.

    The Dolphins took a 14-0 lead in the first half and the Bears never really were in the game as the Dolphins cruised to a 27-14 victory. Next week the 3-3 Dolphins travel to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars.

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    by Published on 09-05-2014 02:01 PM  Number of Views: 2993 
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    FH Staff predicts Dolphins' season

    The 2014 NFL season is already underway and the Miami Dolphins on Sunday will host the New England Patriots in their first game. The FinHeaven staff has submitted their predictions on how the Dolphins will do this season and the results are below. Agree, disagree? Let us know what you think in the FinHeaven forums.

    JCane, Admin

    2014 Record: 10 -6

    Playoffs: Yes

    Defensive Player Of The Year: Cameron Wake

    Offensive Player Of The Year: Bill Lazor/Ryan Tannehill

    Rookie Of The Year: Jarvis Landry

    Brief Statement: Note the above Offensive Player of the Year. Bill Lazor is the best hire we have made in a decade. Lazor is a QB guru who was more involved with the development of Nick Foles than people realize. My guess is that you see some regression this season from Nick Foles and we should see an immediate improvement from Ryan Tannehill this Sunday in Miami.

    Although Lamar Miller is listed as #1 on the initial depth chart for 2014, I believe that eventually, Knowshon Moreno, if healthy, will eat Millerís lunch with every chance he gets and rightfully so. How healthy is Charles Clay? If he is healthy, Clay is a big time playmaker at the Tight End spot for this offense.

    Jarvis Landry was a great pick by Hickey in the May draft. Assuming that we can protect Landry on Special Teams, this is a kid who runs flawless routes and doesnít drop many passes thrown his way. He could be a holy terror on third down in the slot position. His skill set should allow for Mike Wallace to get more one on ones to the outside. The only question is can Tannehill & Wallace get on the same page with the deep ball.

    The biggest question mark around this squad is the offensive line. I donít know what to think there. But, I trust the offense in the hands of Bill Lazor. On the defensive side of the football, we should be solid but I would like to see more turnovers, obviously, and we have to see a productive season from Dion Jordan. That's a big key for 2014.

    Finally, as optimistic as I am about the 2014 season due to how I feel about the potential of the offense, it goes without saying that we will not score touchdowns with every possession. That said we canít have Caleb Sturgis losing games for us with missed field goal attempts that would tie or give us the lead at critical points in the game. I canít fathom watching this guy leave points on the field during crucial spots of the game. If Sturgis re-aggravates his groin injury, then what? Iím concerned. FINS UP

    Nublar7, Admin

    2014 Record: 9-7

    Playoffs: Yes

    Defensive Player Of The Year: Cameron Wake

    Offensive Player Of The Year: Ryan Tannehill

    Rookie Of The Year: Jarvis Landry

    Brief Statement: The Dolphins on paper are better than the 2013 squad, but the 2014 schedule is tougher. With two weeks left in the 2013 season the Dolphins were just one victory away from their first trip to the playoffs since 2008, but stumbled to two below average teams to find themselves 8-8 and on the outside looking in.

    The offensive line was a disaster last season, allowing quarterback Ryan Tannehill to be sacked and unbelievable 58 times. On opening day this season, there will be 5 new starters on the offensive line and a big weakness last year appears to be improved. How improved remains to be seen and will likely be a big factor in determining if this team can take the needed next step and finally advance back into the playoffs.

    The defense remains solid, even with the offseason departure of DT Paul Soliai. Defensive ends Cameron Wake and Olivier Vernon combined last season for 20 sacks and I expect the duo to have an even bigger year this upcoming season. Even with the tougher schedule I think the Dolphins have made enough improvements and the big question marks with the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets will allow the Dolphins to squeak into the post-season. No matter who they face in the first round they will provide a tough match-up and going as far as the divisional round is not out of the question.

    Wildbill3, Admin

    2014 Record: 9-7

    Playoffs: No, just missed

    Defensive Player of the Year: Brent Grimes

    Offensive Player of the Year: Knowshon Moreno

    Rookie of the Year: Ja'wuan James

    Brief Statement: Normally, Iíd feel pretty confident going into the season, I'd be happy to put my rose colored glasses on; tell myself that it's a new year and that anything could happen... However I'm a dolphins fan, and Iím used to letdowns and putdowns, (if you have any friends at all, you're used to hearing this: "you're a dolphins fan? Been pretty rough since Marino..." No doubt my asshole friend, no doubt.

    What makes this year difficult to put some positivity on is the fact we're weak at Linebacker, I question our D-Line in the middle (in their ability to stop the run) and on the offense, I definitely question how fast our team can learn an entirely new Offense, and be effective at it. I see a lot of turnovers, and stalled drives due to people not running correct routes, or blocking the right guy, etc., etc. I see a team that can put up points, and play Defense, what I have no idea, is can we do it consistently, or play well in all facets of the game at the same time, can we be a consistent, complete team. Too many questions to wear my rose colored glasses this year.

    Gonzo, Admin

    2014 Record: 9-7

    Playoffs: No, just miss out...again.

    Defensive Player Of The Year: Oliver Vernon

    Offensive Player Of The Year: Ryan Tannehill

    Rookie Of The Year: Jarvis Landry

    Brief Statement: One win away from completely copying what NY8123 stated above. I think that one win difference comes from my concerns with the defense. There are simply way too many question marks on that side of the ball, particularly the LB corps(e) and the secondary. While Iíd like to be optimistic, weíre not asking Finnegan to return to his 1 year ago self, weíre asking him to return to his 3 years ago self. Weíre asking Taylor and Davis to improve dramatically over last year. Weíre asking Delmas to not get injured again. Weíre asking the linebackers to at least reach mediocre level, a tall order especially for Wheeler. Far too many questions. The only saving grace is Grimes and the DL, including Vernon, who I feel is going to take it to the next level.

    The offense is what will get us near or possibly into the playoffs. While everyone is talking about Lazor, I think the biggest hire this offseason is Benton. Outside of the godawful play of Dallas Thomas, this line has looked far superior to last years despite 5 new starters so far. Granted, itís only been preseason, but they already look like they work together far better than Incognito and gang.

    That being said, it all rides on whether Tannehill can take it to the next level, and I have faith he can. He was given a great weapon in Landry and Moreno is a far better pass-blocker than Miller or Thomas, in addition to being a threat in the receiving game (not convinced the rest of his game isnít a product of Manning, but certainly better than Thomas). Hopefully, he and Wallace can finally get on the same page and Lazorís offense forces him to get rid of the ball faster. I think both are more likely than any of the questions on defense. Of course, if he doesnít take that next step, weíll be in the hunt for a replacement next offseason (or should be).

    They gambled a lot this offseason, especially in the secondary and running game. Philbin better hope they pan out, because Iím not convinced he survives without a playoff appearance.

    NY8123, SuperMod

    2014 Record: 10-6

    Playoffs: Yes

    Defensive Player Of The Year: Olivier Vernon

    Offensive Player Of The Year: Ryan Tannehill

    Rookie Of The Year: Jarvis Landry

    Brief Statement: The year of no excuses. Thatís all you need to know about this coaching staff, this young QB and this collection of players, the year no excuses should be the team motto. Yes the team has areas that could be improved but you only have so much you can do in one off-season. It is time for Tannehill to rise and lead the team through their shortcomings, no NFL team is ever fully complete and good QBs find ways to hide those deficiencies. If Tannehill is to be the next face of the franchise this is the season to prove it.

    Landry is one of the best 2nd round picks the Dolphins have managed in years and I think he becomes a staple of Tannehillís as the season progresses. This will lead him to rookie of the year honors within the Dolphins and possibly the AFC East.

    On defense the D-line should be as good or better and with improvements in the secondary this D should be able to keep up with many offenses. Barring injury the line play and secondary play of the defense should help overcome a weaker linebacker unit and help improve play in this area. I think Vernon takes advantage of his solid 2nd year to launch him into a pro-bowl third year performance.

    Good teams find ways to win even with team deficiencies, it is time for Miami to find those ways or sadly next year we will be talking about who the teamís next GM, Head Coach and QB of the future rebuild should be.

    Phinatic8u, SuperMod

    2014 Record: 10-6 (2nd in AFC East)

    Playoffs: Yes, one and done though.

    Defensive Player Of The Year: Cameron Wake

    Offensive Player Of The Year: Ryan Tannehill

    Rookie Of The Year: JaíWuan James

    Brief Statement: This year will be the year the offense is finally good enough to in some games on a consistent level. I predict 22 ppg which is a big step up from what it's been since Sherman was hired. Wallace will also have 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns. The defense will be the same which is good, not great and helps win games. The LBs will be a burden on the defense.

    Bumpus, SuperMod

    2014 Record: 9-7 (2nd in AFC East)

    Playoffs: Yes (WC - unfortunately I think we'll be one-and-done THIS year)

    Defensive Player Of The Year: Cameron Wake

    Offensive Player Of The Year: Ryan Tannehill

    Rookie Of The Year: JaíWuan James

    Brief Statement: I believe that this is the year we move back into the playoffs. With improved pass protection, Tannehill takes another stride forward in his third year in the league to solidify himself as our QB of the future. It's finally starting to feel like that light at the end of the tunnel actually might NOT be an oncoming train. Next year's target: Linebackers.

    PhinsPhan11, SuperMod

    2014 Record: 8-8

    Playoffs: No

    Defensive Player Of The Year: Cameron Wake

    Offensive Player Of The Year: Ryan Tannehill

    Rookie Of The Year: Jarvis Landry

    Brief Statement: The schedule the Dolphins face this year is very tough. Besides the division games that always seem to give them fits, the Dolphins play teams like the Chiefs, Packers, Bears, Chargers, Lions, Broncos, Ravens. There is no easy win in that group, and that is almost half of their schedule. Besides that, there are other games that the Dolphins could just not show up to and lose to a team they should not lose to. We have seen them do that before.

    I expect the offense to be much more enjoyable to watch this year. Last year, it was downright painful to watch the offense at times. From the limited action we got to see from Bill Lazorís offense, it is easy to see that this team should be much better on offense. This offense looks to fit the players on this team much better than the old one. As we all know, the offensive line is a giant question mark. There are many new starters on this line, and so far they have looked pretty good. But that is a lot of new people to integrate at one time. The offense is not what I am concerned about. It is the defense. I feel fine about the defensive line, but the linebackers and secondary do not inspire much confidence in me.

    This is a big year for the Dolphins. If they fall below the 8-8 mark, I expect wholesale changes to be made. If they do finish at 8-8, it will be decision time. If changes are made, I hope both head coach and GM go, not just one or the other.

    rob19, SuperMod

    2014 Record: 8-8

    Playoffs: No

    Defensive Player Of The Year: Cameron Wake

    Offensive Player Of The Year: Ryan Tannehill

    Rookie Of The Year: JuWuan James

    Brief Statement: The Miami Dolphins face the 12th ranked toughest schedule this year in terms of opponentís win percentage the preceding year. Most notably this will include games versus the Chiefs, Packers, Bears, Chargers, Lions, Broncos, Ravens, Vikings, and two games versus the Patriots. Thatís an arduous schedule even before taking into account that Buffalo and the Jets always seem to play Miami very tough no matter how terrible theyíre supposed to be that year. Even some of the games that might appear automatic on the surface are not necessarily so. Whoís to say the Raiders or Jaguars couldnít be dangerous in their home stadium?

    Expect big things from Tannehill this year. If the Dolphins are to be successful, it will be because Ryan Tannehill is stepping-up and putting this team on his shoulder pads. Miami ranked 26th last year in points scored per game at a paltry 19.8. Judging by Miamiís off-season acquisitions, one could surmise that new General Manager Dennis Hickey strongly believes the root of the problem with last yearís offense lied with the offensive lineís inability to protect its Quarterback and create significant push in the running game. Much of Miamiís resources in the off-season were allocated to rebuilding the offensive line, to the tune of a forty-seven million dollar contract for Brandon Albert, a first round selection on Tennessee Tackle, JuWuan James, and a third round pick on Guard, Billy Turner. And no, it wonít be the Broncos or Bears offense, but the addition of second round pick Jarvis Landry, a healthy Brandon Gibson, Knowshon Moreno at tailback, to go along with the growth of Rishard Matthews, should give Miami a competent enough offense to where there should be no excuses to not produce at a significantly higher clip than last yearís bottom-dweller offense.

    I think this is a make-or-break year for Joe Philbin. If the team goes 7-9 or 6-10, I could easily see them moving on from this coaching staff in the offseason. If that does indeed end up being the case, I pray Stephen Ross learned from the 2012 head-coaching search debacle, and removes Hickey as well.

    Daytona Fin, Mod

    2014 Record: 10-6

    Playoffs: Yes, AFC East Champions

    Defensive Player Of The Year: Cam Wake

    Offensive Player Of The Year: Ryan Tannehill

    Rookie Of The Year: Ja'wuan James

    Brief Statement: Expectations are lofty for the Dolphins this season and this is the most anticipation I have had heading into the season opener since the Don Shula era. I am pleased with the new additions GM Dennis Hickey has added to the team. I believe rookies Jarvis Landry and Ja'wuan will have an immediate impact on the offense, there will be no waiting for these guys to develop. Knowshon Moreno is going to bring much needed help and balance in the backfield but I think we will see a mixture of him and Lamar Miller throughout the season. I think the offensive line will struggle in the the first three or four weeks until Pouncey returns but will be a much improved unit. Ryan Tannehill will have no shortage of offensive weapons this year and I expect him to have a Pro Bowl type season.

    On the defensive side of the ball we already have solid unit and the new acquisitions of Cortland Finnegan, Louis Delmas and Earl Mitchell will provide complimentary upgrades providing they stay healthy. I think the secondary is going to be the most improved unit behind the offensive line. Looking for Jamar Taylor to have a breakout season. The defensive line is top notch and should dominate the East this year. Olivier Vernon should give Cam Wake a run for his money for the Dolphins DPOY.

    If the offensive line struggles longer than I expect we may be in trouble. Linebackers were one of the weakest units on the the team last year and Hickey and staff did not address the position. That tells me two things, Philbin believes new linebacker coach Mark Duffner can turn this unit around or we are in deep trouble at linebacker.

    I believe we have the proper pieces on this team to make a deep playoff run if there aren't too many lapses. Coach Philbin needs to put teams away when have the lead, a killer instinct is lacking. I have high hopes for Bill Lazor and this offense but I will reserve judgement until I see it in action. A two game jump is not asking for a lot because I thought this team was better than their 8-8 record last year. With all that said , the bottom line is we have to win at least four games in the AFC East or we won't be going anywhere come January. I say it every year, it always starts in the division, teams that can't find a way to win those games never mount to anything and that's usually our case. I am hoping this is the year we change that theme.

    DisturbedShifty, Mod

    2014 Record: 10-6

    Playoffs: Yes. Pats take the division with Miami getting a wild card spot

    Defensive Player Of The Year: Brent Grimes

    Offensive Player Of The Year: Ryan Tannehill

    Rookie Of The Year: Javris Landry

    Brief Statement: Based on what I saw with the starters in the pre-season I think the offense will be much better. Tannehill looked much more comfortable passing than he did last year during the pre-season. Couple that with Lazor's no offense and the NFL's decision to put focus on grabby defenses we should be in good shape. Speaking of defenses. Ours looks to be in decent shape. The secondary and the d-line should be top notch with the linebackers the only big question mark. However, if the defense can step up along with the offense we have a pretty solid chance at the playoffs.

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