As of now, in a 12 team league, my roster is looking as such:

QB's: Palmer, Leftwich
WRs: J. Smith, S. Moss, R. Wayne, T. Taylor, A. Toomer
RB's: Barber, Dillon, Moore
TE: Shockey
K: Kasay, Feely
DEF: Carolina, Washington

I start 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF weekly

As of now, I'm planning on starting for week 6...

QB: Palmer
WR1: Smith
WR2: Moss
WR3: Wayne
RB1: Dillon
RB2: Barber
TE: Shockey
K: Kasay
DEF: Carolina

I'm also wondering if any of the fantasy experts here think I should be pursuing any trades, or standing pat. At the moment, I am first in my league, undefeated, but second in points.

Any pointers?

**Note: I'm trying to pick up SF's Brandon Lloyd off the Waiver Wire for Amani Toomer, but I won't know if I've gotten him until tomorrow. If I do, I will be very happy about it.