I rec'd a few request to outline the cap consequences of the Feeley trade. I will do so below:

I do NOT guarantee the accuracy of these numbers but I do guarantee that my interpretation is better than the Palm Beach Post's :rofl: Read HERE This dumba$$ sez the remaining amortization goes on 2006

2005: His cap number was $1.14 million ($540,000 salary and $600,000 proration). With the trade, the remaining proration ($1.8 million) from 2006-2008 accelerates onto the 2005 cap. Miami also is no longer responsible for his remaining 2005 salary (11 weeks @ $31,764.71). His new 2005 cap number, which I consider "dead cap", is $2,590,588. Miami takes an additional 2005 cap hit of $1,450,588 on 2005 and since the deal went through, obviously has the cap space to handle it.

QB Lemon's cap hit remaining for 2005 is $197,353 ($17,941 X 11 weeks)

2006: Miami saves $4.1 million ($3.5 million salary and $600,000 proration)

2007: Miami saves $5.15 million

2008: Miami saves $6.2 million