Alright Members!

I have a great offer for you! FinHeaven needs some extra cash and I just happen to have six tickets available.

TWO Tickets to the Dolphins vs. Patriots this weekend!
Section 454, Row 13, Seats 17 & 18

TWO Tickets to the Dolphins vs. Bills on 12/4!
Section 401, Row 13, Seats 18 & 19

TWO Tickets to the Dolphins vs. Jets on 12/18!
Section 454, Row 12, Seats 17 & 18

Winner can get up to 15 FinHeaven shirts! Only larges and extra larges available! If you want three, you got it! If you want all 15... it's yours!

This raffle has to end Thursday because I will ship the tickets out on Friday with next day, Saturday delivery. You will receive ALL these tickets and shirts on Satuday!

This is a great way to get tickets to ALL of the AFC East opponents!

All you have to do is PayPal an entry fee of $10 to

$10 buys you one ticket. For every additional ticket, it is $5. You may buy as many tickets as you would like. So, for example, if you buy three tickets, it will be $20.

Remember, my paypal address is and it must be in my PayPal address by Thursday 11:59pm.

Sorry for the short notice with this. I understand that some people want to send in a check or money order... if you believe you can send it in on time, you may do so. Please make checks/money orders out to Andrew Tatum. My address is:

125 SE 16 AVE
APT L205
Gainesville, FL 32601

FinHeaven needs your help. I really appreciate your assistance! If you have any question about the tickets, please let me know.

Thank you!

Andrew Tatum