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Thread: If draft were held today draft order (Nov 14)

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    If draft were held today draft order (Nov 14)

    Green Bay’s startling upset of Atlanta yesterday afternoon effected a rather dramatic reshuffling of the updated selection order for the 2006 draft. The Packers had entered the weekend sitting on the #1 pick overall at next April’s draft, however, with the win Green Bay drops all the way down to the 8th spot. While Green Bay was able to pull off the upset, Houston, the other team with just one week entering the week, wasn’t as lucky, losing 31-17 to Indianapolis the league’s last remaining unbeaten team. That moves the Texans back into the #1 slot in the hypothetical if the draft were held today selection order. Tennessee, which had a bye, moves into the #2, while the Jets would pick third if the draft were held today, followed by Arizona in the #4 position. We’ll have the full, updated first-round selection order for the upcoming draft after tonight’s Monday nighter.


    The Titans, Jets, & Cardinals are all positioning themselves well in the Leinart sweepstakes. Someone would most definitely trade up with Houston. I wouldn't rule out the Titans taking Reggie, since Norm Chow is the OC, plus Chris Brown is a FA & Henry is overrated.

    1-Jets (by trade) - QB Leinart, USC
    2-Titans - RB Bush, USC*
    3-Texans - LT Ferguson, Virginia
    4-Cardinals - DT Ngata, Oregon*
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    If the Titans traded down with the Jets to leapfrog the Titans (a team that I think actually wants Leinart), I think the Titans would try to trade down with anybody who wants Ferguson to screw over the Texans.

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