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Ill try to give that link a read a bit later, I must say that site has an answer/retort for everything.. Its truly amazing. They should add that website as an appendix to the Bible.
You know, the only reason I get into these discussions is I want to show people that there is an alternative way to view the data that we uncover in the natural world....that does actually make sense and doesn't require that we shut off our brains to believe it. There is evidence to support ones belief in evolution, but that same evidence can also support ones belief in God. It's a matter of interpretation. There is evidence for both. The idea is out there that creationists are mindless automotons that refuse to open their eyes and look at the data. The fact is that this does apply to some people (unfortunately), but the same can be said for those blindly believing in evolution just because it is the view of scientists who are forced by their own rules to look for explanations that do not include God. To me, it all comes down to faith and preference...for either side....and that is my whole point.