If players are paid for each game then what happens to teams who make the playoffs? I'm assuming their salaries are divided by 16 and then paid weekly, or 8 and bi-weekly, so what happens when your team makes the playoffs, are you NOT paid for those games, or is it bonus money or what? You can't predict if you're gonna make the playoffs before the season, or the variables like 1st round bye or elimination, so you can't really set it up to divide it by MORE than 16 (or 8) games. I'm not even positive that's how they get paid, I just see all the time "so and so fined one games pay" or something like that, so it made me think their salaries are divided up by the games. So what's the deal with player's pay that don't make the playoffs versus those who do?

*EDIT* Sorry, this doesn't really have to do with Miami so I guess it's in the wrong forum.