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Thread: ***All Members Please Read - Forum Changes!***

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    Quote Originally Posted by MNFINFAN
    I have hardly time to go the main forum let alone use other parts of the site.

    Actually I do.

    Exactly, it is a lot easier for me to have it all in one place and just browse, but nabo cane explained a bit more to me and I understand it but for my personal viewing pleasure it is a pain in the arse.
    But, it's not a PITA, it's just change, you'll get used to it within a week.
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    About an hour south down Interstate 5, quarterback John Beck was on the verge of lining up his chicken nuggets in a shotgun formation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inFINSible
    What is the big problem with using the other forums?

    It's pretty simple, you want info on Free Agents, go to the Free Agent forum. If Miami targets a specific FA, talk about it in the Dolphins forum.

    Why should we have to trip over 50 threads on free agents who will never be part of the Miami Dolphins in the Dolphins forum?

    Same with draftees, there are literally hundreds of players, and 95% of them will never wear a Dolphins uniform, so why do I need to have a thread about Joe Blow from Alcorn St. crowding the Dolphins forum?

    It's as simple as bookmarking the forums index page instead of the Dolphins forum. You want Free agents go there, you want draft eligibles, go there, you want to talk about your college team, go there.

    For the attention whores who just want the most people to see their posts, use the other forums, and they will come.
    The bottom line is that very few people use those "other" forums during the course of the day. Any thread that gets posted or moved out of the main forum is essentially in the grave yard. We regularly have hundreds of posters visiting the main board at any given second, yet there are no more than 5-6 people on the "other" boards. My personal feeling is that anything remotely pertaining to the Dolphins should be allowed in the main forum.

    However, let me make an alternative suggestion (dont know if this has been brought up). How about merging ALL the "secondary boards" into one giant "Dolphins-Related Informaion" Board - i.e. the Salary Cap board, FA board, Draft board and AFC East board. That would give us two main boards - one strictly-moderated Dolphin-Only forum, and a second, less stringent board that discusses many of the peripheral Dolphins issues that sometimes clutter the main forum. This way the "secondary" boards will still generate enough traffic to develop a good disucssion.

    Just my two cents. Please feel free to consider either of option.

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    I've seen the ongoing discussion pertaining to the changes, and want to thank all of you for your input. While some of you like it, others do not. I know the transition seems daunting at first glance, but that's only because most members had the Dolphins' forum as their bookmark to FH - so they always end up there first...and most times only. A simple solution to that would be to either bookmark the main forum page:


    or create seperate bookmarks for each of the forums you have interest in.

    But try to see that with 12,500 members and counting, if we let everyone post all they want in one forum, and each page holds only 30 threads...can you see the problem? as a poster, how do you like the idea of slogging through hundreds of threads and dozens of pages to find a thread you were posting in before?

    Please understand, that this was not a spur of the moment decision, the entire staff put a lot of thought, discussion, and planning into this, and it's not one we reached lightly.
    We honestly believe this will work if given the chance, and I'm convinced that it's for the bettermen of the site as a whole.
    While it may seem awkward to some at first, I'm sure that in time it will become as comfortable and familiar as it's always been.

    Thanks everyone!

    Wharf :wharf:

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