Not sure how you can make the comment he won't be able to run like that in the pros, we see Vick, Culpepper, McNair, and a few others have great running games. I don't think he will get 200 yards games consistently but if he is averaging 7-8 yards a carry, he's doing something right. Sure teams can tackle better but not all of them. Missed tackles or broken tackles are part of football. Young has the same oppurtunity as every other player to get bigger and stronger. I think he would still be able to use his mobility as a weapon at the next level. He's stronger and faster than Vick or McNair, or Elway or Young ever were. Improve his throwing, which isn't bad to begin with and he will be a scary QB.

Jonathan SCott would be a huge upgrade for our team. If he or Huff are available, I jump at that chance.