Huff played great last night
Griffin was also great
How about the tackles for Texas? Barely heard anything about Rucker or anyone else on the USC DL. Scott is a beast and Blaylock played great.

Bing played very well, hit everything, I wonder how many tackles he and Huff had last night?
Winston Justice had a solid game, no real pressure on Leinart unless there was a blitz
Taitusi Lutui played awesome. If we could get him in the 2nd or 3rd, not sure were he's ranked,he would be a beast of a player at G and move Hadnot to C.
I really liked what I saw in Steve Smith, he was blocking and running some good patterns. He very fast. Would be a great late round pick if he's there.

There was lots more talent in this game but I concentrated on players who we may have a shot on and positions of need for the Phins.

Who impressed who other than the obvious guys? (QBs)