Ladies and Gentlemen introducing FinHeaven's new and improved warning system!

As you may have noticed in the bottom left corner of your posts, under your user information, there's is a warning level meter.

How that works is, we are going to assign points to various violations of the TOS. Each time a poster violates a rule he/she will be warned with a PM and a notation in the post. The member can also click on the warning percentage icon to see his/her warning information, including your violation, how many points it was worth, when those points will expire and which staff member issued the warning.

Each user can only see their own warning level while Admins and Mods can see Everyones.

I think it's important to note that, like I mentioned, your warning points will come with an expiration date. This essentially allows you to wipe the slate clean after a predetermined length of time. The length of time will be 30 days for a first offense....60 days for a second offense.....and 90 days for a third offense. These lengths are non-negotiable.

Now, there may come a time when you disagree with a warning, at that point it's best to handle that through the proper channels, which are to private message the staff member who issued the warning or, if you aren't able to use the private message system, use the Questions and Suggestions forum. Off-topic complaining in the thread that your warning is issued, or creating a complaint thread in the wrong forum, will result in another warning and more points being added. So please think before you react.

When a member reaches 10 points he or she will be banned for an amount of time to be determined by the staff. The member will also be sent a PM explaining the length of time the ban will last and the reason for the ban. The member will be able to read private messages but, not send.

Your only recourse at this time is to contact an Admin by e-mail and wait until he gets back to you.

Creating another user name to circumvent your ban, will result in more time being added to your ban, or eventually, permanent bannishment from this site.

We hope that most members can see the positive side of this system which gives everyone plenty of warning and a chance to improve their standing before any action is taken. We want everyone to enjoy this site and we don't ever want to have to ban anyone but, we feel like this way provides all our members with the comfort of knowing exactly what we expect, and knowing that we will be doing our best to make everyone's time here enjoyable and problem free.

I'm going to show the points totals here but, remember if you need to see them again, they will be added to the TOS for your viewing pleasure. We recomend you reveiw the full TOS while you're there.
Anyway, here they are...

First Offense:
Personal Attack - 4pts
Circumventing Profanity Filter - 2pts
Off-Topic\Wrong Fourm - 2pts
Sig Size - 1pt
Avatar/Sig inappropriate - 1pt
Breaking News/Misleading thread titles - 2pts
Posting full article - 1pt
Spam/linking to other fan sites - 2pts
Annoyance - 3pts
Quoted text in sig - 1pt
Altering quoted text - 2pts
Multiple username - 2pts

At first glance the totals may look low but, there is another part of the system that i haven't mentioned yet.....A second offense, doubles the point total, and a third offense triples it.

In the case of a personal attack, you don't go from 4 to 8, you go from 4 to 12. That means two personall attacks within 30 days nets you time off and 8 of those points extend for 60 days.

Any questions our comments are welcome in this thread. Please, tell us what you think.

Thank You,

FinHeaven Staff