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A Q on "linking to other fan sites"

Do you consider miamidolphins.com another fan site? Also, some people keep more updated stuff on other fan sites. Both Merman and myself have talked about the salary cap before.... I know he keeps a regularly updated salary cap page that I have linked to before. That shouldnt be against the TOS. Its promoting discussion about the Miami Dolphins and its a little more in detail than the cap page we have on here.

What about if something is posted on billszone that is directly related to us? In the "beast of the AFC east" forum, isnt that the entire point of that forum?

Also, do you consider all the nfldraftcountdown.com and sites like that other fan sites? Because in the draft forum, people link updated mock drafts all the time..... just because its being linked to another fan site, doesnt mean its not serving its purpose and helping conversation or initiating conversation about the Dolphins.

I agree with most of the rules, but man, some of the other ones seem right out of the Mein Kampf......

here is the rule

Links to Other Fan Sites
You may post a link to a great article or report on another fan site. However, you may not simply advertise a site. For example, you may say, "Check out this great report at blablabla.com" However, you may not say, "blablabla.com is an awesome site and it’s a must see." We know it’s a very fine line. However, we think you understand what we mean.

basiclly what your asking is fine. but if you come here and post HEY GUYS!! CHECK OUT http://www.va-dolphans.com its awesome for all the VA FANS!!! then thats not allowed.

if you want to post Nfldraftcountdown has us taking cutler in the 1st round check it out at http://nfldraftcountdown.com I think we should bla bla blah thats fine.

does that make sence?