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Thread: hey Clumpy..

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    Hey Clumpy

    New guy on the threads and I just wanta thank ya for doing some great work with these Salary Cap spreadsheets.

    I have some general questions/observations and I apologize if these have been answered already.
    1. When a team pays a Signing bonus (Ex. LJ Shelton 3.5 million) does the player get this money upfront or is it paid out as per your spreadsheet each year. I realize the league allows for the bonus to be prorated over the life of the contract but I'm just curious as to whether these SB's get paid to the player in full, when he signs.
    2. In your last spreadsheet (updated in Feb) you had deadcap of approx 2.5 million added to the 06 cap. If you add up those contracts that we released (Madison, McIntosh etc) and include them with the previous dead cap (2.5 in your Feb update), the number comes out higher then your latest spreadsheet. So my question would be, are you understating the deadcap number?
    3. I think there's a mistake with your total bonus number. I see approx 13 mil in bonuses.
    4. LJ Selton calls for a 2006 base salary of 2 mil. !!!!!
    5. Just a tidbit of Info, the latest CBA implemented a $40,000 increase across the board for players on minimum contracts as follows;
      • 275,000
      • 350,000
      • 425,000
      • 500,000
      • 585,000
      • 710,000
      • 810,000
    So the Ricky's, Traylors and Zgoninas right down to your rookies all get a 40,000 raise.

    My last question if I haven't wrecked your day. In the new CBA, clubs can waive two players before the start of the new cap year (in this case Mar 11) and have their costs amortized after June 1 (ie;the next cap year). So the question would be, do you know if the Dolphins used this provision on any of the players released (ie; Madison, Howard) and deferred some of their cap hits into next year?

    Exceptional work and thanks for your efforts!!!!
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    I think its sweet that our guys are willing to restructure, It says that they are here cuz they love Miami, love the game, and are willing to put aside some money. Not like they have enough already

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