I do think it would better serve this site to have levels of membership that would be designated so everyone could feel comfortable about donating. I dont know about the stuff about the chat being better because some of the very VIP members were jagoffs for free so why would they all of sudden become civil. Back to my basic arguement why not have Gold, Silver and Bronze donators that would all be able to talk in the special people's chat room and then designate other stuff among the levels. I'm sure that you would get more participation and better serve the site, make the levels 12, 24 and 36 dollars respectively. This is a great site and I'm sure all members want to do thier part, I just don't think everybody wants to do thier 36 dollar part. I do have one complaint about the site though when you have a question or a problem and send an email to the site moderator how come you never get a reply or is it just me.