In an effort to promote fluid and less congested discussion, we wanted to make everyone aware of our policy regarding the this year's draft.

The simplest way I can put it: If you're discussing anything regarding the draft itself, please head over to the Miami Dolphins Draft Forum. Once a player has been picked by the Dolphins, you can discuss him here in the Miami Dolphins Forum.

Also, this year the Official Draft Thread will reside in the Miami Dolphins Draft Forum. It will be created shortly before 12 PM EST.

In short, if you visit FinHeaven for Dolphins discussion only, you should be visiting BOTH the Miami Dolphins forum AND the Miami Dolphins Draft Forum. Think of them as 1A and 1B. Duper and Clayton. Surtain and Madison.

We feel that this format will help with the congestion and flow of discussion today. Call it a hunch, but the place should be jumping.

Your Loving Admin,
Muck :muck: