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[B]Let the record show I officially agree with CKParrothead on this. A rare agreement between he and I.

I think the link between Al Queda and 9/11 has not been made. I think if there is overwhelming evidence about Iraq and its weapons programs then it needs to be made public. I believe that there is a greater agenda to this war and I believe it has to do with salvaging a Presidency that is in trouble at home, it has to do with awarding big defense and rebuidling contracts to lobbyist as well as having access to the oil. The whole thing wreaks and I don;t like the feeling of it.

That being said, I support our troops. The day the first bomb drops I will start flying the flag at home until Saddam falls. I will pray for a quick and efficent attack that will result in the minimum loss of life.

I agree fin-atic with most of your points....... The men (and women) in battle have my unadulterated support, I hope that this war ends very quickly for the families of our troops and for the innocent Iraqi people ..... As for this administration I see W for what he is and when all the dust clears, so will all the other lap dogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad: Marino1983