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Thread: This makes the war uglier...

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    Originally posted by themole
    Cool Wharf!!...Is that your unit patch? if so please explain it. ie the 4 corners and horsehead.


    That's the 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized) patch....
    I was 2-8 Infantry Battalion 2nd Bde 4th Inf Div
    "Warhorse Brigade."

    The 4th Infantry Division nickname, the “Ivy Division,” comes from the design of its shoulder patch: four green ivy leaves joined at the stem and opening at the four corners. The word “Ivy” is a play on the roman numeral four, IV. (4th Division)Ivy leaves are symbolic of tenacity and fidelity, the basis of the Division’s motto, “Steadfast and Loyal”.
    It was renamed "Ironhorse Division" after 'Nam.. which is where the horse came in... but they wanted to keep the Ivy leaves as both a link to the history of the unit (formed in 1917), and to the "steadfast and Loyal" motto....
    I was in the 2nd (Warhorse) Brigade, which was nicknamed due to the armor the Brigade uses for transport and support...
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    Well, as far as Turkey goes, there is some good news now...

    In an attempt to calm U.S. and international concerns, the Turkish chief of staff, Helim Ozkuk, said Turkey had no intention of moving into northern Iraq without an agreement with the United States. The Turks say they want to be in Iraq to deal with an expected influx of refugees.
    My Nomination for dumbest statement of the year.
    Said regarding the 10 commandments statue.

    "This isn't about religeon! This is about acknowleging the allmighty god!"
    ~Some moron on talk radio out here.
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