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I think there are several types who are all joining together....

Anti-War: They against all war and violence no matter what... Watch out for them, they'll kill you if you get in their way.

Anti-"This War at this time"... These people realize that in times, war is necessary, but still in this case feel that different kinds of pressures could have been used to make Saddam comply. AND/OR they believe that the Motives are "other than" stated... i.e. Oil Control, Vendetta, Reconstruction Contracts, Distraction from the state of the Economy... and other wag the dog type theories...

Anit-Bush... Self explanatory
There's one more category: Anti-America. Some of these "peaceful protesters" just plain hate this country. How else can you explain burning our flag and defacing monuments of great American heroes? I'm not saying everybody against this war is like this but a few in this country and a lot in other countries(FRANCE) do feel this way.

I like to hear out respectful, logical, and reason backed stances, but I have NO respect for people who back their stance with spite.