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Thread: My Shorts are safe

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    My Shorts are safe

    Well, when the war started, in another thread I stated that if the war lasted 2 months that I would eat my shorts and post pictures of the event here...

    I specified in that thread that the "End of the war" would effectively be the taking of Baghdad for purposes of this statement.

    While you could argue that Baghdad is not yet fully conquered, I will note this.

    3 weeks into the war our tanks surround the Information Ministers offices, and we occupy Saddams presidential palace in baghdad.

    It would appear that we didn't even require a month...

    Thank you to the U.S. and British Armed forces. My underwear is safe thanks to you guys!
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    Re: My Shorts are safe

    Originally posted by Barbarian

    It would appear that we didn't even require a month...

    i think there is gonna be a lot of door to door street fighting for the next 2 - 3 weeks. this would be a nice time to let the kurds and shiites do their thing. i'm not saying pulling out yet, just pass the baton so to speak!
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