Rules of the Gaming Forum

These rules were compiled in an effort to make FinHeaven’s gaming forum a premier location discuss video games for the hardcore and the casual gamer alike.
  • Don’t post misinformation – If you have some news, post it. Make sure it’s legit, and provide links to news resources. If you are speculating then say so. If it’s a rumor, then make that clear.
  • Use the correct thread – This rule applies to all forums. If there is already a Madden thread, why do you think we need another one? We don’t. Make sure your topic requires a new thread before creating one.
  • No smack talk – It’s perfectly fine to be a fan. Nintendo fans, welcome! Sony fans, Welcome! Microsoft fans, Welcome! It’s perfectly fine to pull for your favorite developer and/or manufacturer. It is NOT ok to bash the competition simply because you’re a hardcore fan.
  • Don’t hijack threads – This is another one that applies to all forums, it’s just being re-stressed. If the thread is about Sony’s launch titles, there is no reason you have to talk about how Microsoft’s launch titles were better (unless it’s brought up throughout discussion). Keep your posts in the right place.
  • Have some fun – Remember, games are here to have fun. Getting bent out of shape because someone says your game sucks defeats the purpose of games. We’re all in here for a common purpose and that’s to discuss video games.
  • Title your threads correctly - Don't name your thread "Hey guys" then have the content explain what it is you're talking about. If it's about God of War 2, then GoW2 should be in the thread title.

***UPDATE*** Be smart when selecting the title of your thread. With Madden 07 releasing soon, there's bound to be multiple leagues and threads spawning (which is fine). If you will be making a Madden League thread, using something like "Madden 07 League (platform - i.e. 360, PS2, xbox) - Mor's League". This way people know this thread is dedicated to a Madden League, and which Madden League it is.

Note -- With big realeases (like the up and coming Madden) I will create a stickied "main" thread on the topic to keep it from getting out of hand.

Suggestions are welcome


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