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Thread: Another fantasy team rate.(I think my best one yet)

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    Oct 2005

    Another fantasy team rate.(I think my best one yet)

    10 man leauge.1 extra bench spot

    1. (2) S. Alexander RB
    2. (19) T. Owens WR
    3. (22) C. Chambers WR
    4. (39) J. Addai RB
    5. (42) M. Bulger QB
    6. (59) J. Walker WR
    7. (62) T. Heap TE
    8. (79) R. Brown WR
    9. (82) Carolina DEF
    10. (99) C. Benson RB
    11. (102) B. Leftwich QB
    12. (119) B. Edwards WR
    13. (122) T. Duckett RB
    14. (139) V. Davis TE
    15. (142) R. Longwell K
    16. (159) R. Lindell K
    Made by YM305

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    no idea what your scoring system is... so hard to say....

    but, for a 10-team league, i would say your team is no better than average... Addai in the fourth? You have a lot of guys trying to come back from serious injuries... and never EVER draft two kickers, unless your league has a super expensive transaction format... two defenses, not two kickers...

    oh, and, Shawn Alexander is on the cover of madden this year... for whatever that's worth...

    nonetheless, hope Bulger stays healthy... and good luck!
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    This team is IMO much better than the other team I rated. Even for a 10 team league, I would give this a 7.5, only because u drafted Addai in the fouth, I would have rather seen u go WR again than do that, I mean there should have been somebody else there, even Deuce Mcallister maybe. This team has T.O. and Shaun, 2 guys who should produce for u every week, u didn't have that on the other team. U are stacked at WR, nice, and u did good to snatch Benson late like u did, he will be ure number 2, mark my words. Bulger is like Warner to me, he may put up tremendous numbers or he may get hurt, but worth the risk IMO, especially since u have studs on the team. I agree with the other guy about u drafting 2 kickers, u could have done better with one of those 2 last picks, hell look where u got Vernon Davis, but overall ure team is straight, RB is maybe ure only problem and u have 2 injury prone QB's but u did good with this. (Hey don't take criticism bad, u drafted well, but just trying to point out where u might have probs, if any).
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    If TO keeps his mouth shut u will have a good team for sure.
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