Mid-term election campaigns politics have started and the 'expected' lies and half-truths. Here are the some of the early 'winners':

Fake News, Nebraska Style
Senate candidates from both parties stretch credibility in their latest ads.

Chamber of Commerce Ad Misleads Some Business Owners
It praises Rep. Bean for a health insurance plan that doesn't yet exist.

Voting Record Tug-of-War in Montana
Montana Democrats and Sen. Burns contradict each other. Both are right, up to a point.

Chamber of Commerce: Credit Where It's Not Due
Ads thanking lawmakers for voting for Medicare Bill include four too many.

Misleading Attack in New Jersey Senate Race
Democrat Bob Menendez inaccurately portrays Republican Tom Kean as "getting around" a law that doesn't even apply to him.

Distortion and Insinuation in Ohio
GOP Sen. Mike DeWine fires first, and Democrats return in kind on behalf of challenger Sherrod Brown.