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Ok guys I was just thinking about the dolphins and I came up with a good idea. the trivia is the next one: How many former 1st round picks are currently on the roster?????
but wait, there are rules u have to follow to make it legitime and interesting:
1- you have only a maximum of 4 minutes to answer(be honest)
2- afer you finish reading the instructions post your answers but don't cheat, U are not allowed to read other guy's answers(again, be honest!!)
3- don't search on the internet or on magazines or any time of source of information, it's just u and your brain.
4- I know I said it earlier but again BE HONEST!!!!!!!!!

Remember u just have 4 minutes to answer from the moment you finish readng this post. use the computer's clock for reference

good luck

Sorry didn't know I needed to write them down...to late Iv'e seen the other post.