First of all we handled the champs quite well for 3 and 1/2 quarters. What I saw was mostly mental mistakes, especially the 87 yard TD. We will improve and everything is fixable.
My thoughts on the loss....
#1 Rusty Duante is by far way better than all the "F" QB's of the past years.
#2 Duante and CC are not in tune, and Duante under threw CC on to many occasions.
#3 Wes Welker continues to impress. But why did we not use him late in the game? He seems to catch everything thrown his way. Hear THAT CC ?
#4 RB starts to roll against Steelers (8 yards followed by 5 yard TD run) and then we shut down the running game, just when he seems to get rolling.
#5 We had many opportunities to put the game away but had mental mistakes instead such as
5a. JT did not contain against Willie Parker on 3rd and 1 and should have thrown him for a loss
5b. Michael Lehan? hands to the face on 3rd and 13 with Batch fairly rattled at the time. They drive the length of the field and though they did not score it gave the Pitt O the confidence they needed at the time.
#6 We need to get RB the ball in more ways especially on screens and such when the o-line is getting stuffed.
#7 We will see tremendous improvement throughout the year especially in the secondary.
Go Fins