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I suppose it's appropriate for me to state up front, that I'm not sold on Ronnie Brown.

My question is simple: At what point in his contract do we really need to evaluate his effectiveness?

I know he's received a huge signing binous, and I can accept that situation as a part of signing a player at #2, but when does he become too become expensive for us? Next year? The year after? If it takes a two years to evaluate a running back, is it conceivable that we'd draft one next year?

FOOL, the first game was against the super bowl champions and their probably best defensive front in the NFL. Not to mention it was in pittsburgh on a night where the bus was being recognized, and the superbowl rings were being given out. Dont count that game as a HUGE loss, we will see them again in the playoffs, i still think if Daunte gets his **** together, we are top 3 in the NFL.