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The vikings never had a dependable run game. In all the linehan years they had a running back by commitee aproach where they stuck with the hot hand till they stumbled and then replaced them. Also linehan's PHILOSOPHY had a great effect on it. Opponets knew the vikes were going long so they Always kept 2 safties back and rarely put 8 in the box. Also having randy limited what defenses could do. Zone defense was out of the question cause randy would run right through it. Most teams did Man under 2 Zone coverage or more likely keep 1 safety back while the other double covered moss.

The lack of premier talent at RB and the attention given to randy along with the airing it out philosophy allowed the vikes to have a good running game without a lot of talent simply because most defenses "forgot" about their nameless RB's.

The system went to hell because of two things. 1. With linehan gone they went to a short passing attack. This backfired because it shifted attention from the long ball so defenses started to key off and blitz much more without fear. 2. Randy- No more double coverage meant defenses could now run zone defenses and stick 8 men in the box.

The point is Randy and linehan effectivly hid most of the vikings weaknesses. When they left it all went to hell. It didn't help that their defense was pretty bad for the first part of the season because of so many new faces. They didn't even start to really gel until mid season.
Well said.