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Thread: Final Draft Thoughts

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    Final Draft Thoughts

    I confess I've been lurking through the draft since I didn't have much to add to the posts.

    I really like watching the draft, even when I don't know most of the players or how they play other than what those draft magazines say. It is fun to root for a player and hope that player falls to your team.

    With that said, I hate when the Phins trade away their top picks. It takes all the fun out of the draft. They owe it to us to pick in the first round at least once in a while.

    As an FSU alum, I was hoping for Boldin, and maybe Williams. I was disgusted with Moore, mainly because I had no idea who he was and every expert thought it was a reach. Turns our we "lost" the draft was we got or tied for the bottom rating in just about every mainstream grading I could find.

    So, what does it mean?

    Nothing. I hated when we took Richmond Webb, Yatil Green, and John Avery. I was right twice there. I have to admit I loved the Sammy Smith pick. Oooops.

    The draft is a gift to fans in that it gives us something to talk about during the off season. That's all we can really say about it in truth. Is Moore going to be a good pick after all? Know one really knows, not even Wanny or Moore himself.

    But it sure is fun arguing about it.
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    You make a great point...

    the draft is a gift in a way and pure entertainment...great point.
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    Ranking of Eddie Moore...Pro Football, usatoday

    Rank Player School Height Weight 40-time Proj. Rd.
    3 Eddie Moore Tennessee 6-0 3/8 237 4.65 2

    Seems like we got him where he was projected..3rd best OLB in the 2nd round
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