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I want to see some youth on the defense and some talent on the O-line. Here some possible cuts/releases/not re-signing.

Marty Booker- Has not done anything since he's been here has a hefty salary.
David Bowens- Not a big salary but we can do better
Travis Minor- Nothing more than a special team player.
Sammy Morris- Crucial fumble and Ricky is coming back. I say we pick up another RB anyway and trade Ricky for a 2nd day pick.
Seth Mckinney- Wouldn't make a difference if he was out there anyway.
L.J.- He sucks as a LT, could be better at guard.
Jeno- Overpaid and underacheiving, bad combo. He is probably our best linemen but not for the salary he's making.

D.Spragan- Nothing more than average. Not going to be around next year.
V.Holiday- If he was not there we probably would not miss a beat. Need to get youger at that spot anyway.
K.Traylor- Good player but is going to be 38 or 39 next year.
T.Tillman- OOOOOOO boy! This guy blows and needs to go as well.

Undecided on....
Z.T. and J.T.- The heart and soul of the defense. They probably deserve to stay because of all that they have done for the franchise. Personally i think the draft picks that we could get from them are more important than them staying. Great players but were not going anywhere until we rebuild the team.
Excellent post. As sad as it is to see JT and ZT being stuck here competing their hearts out, we can't rebuild with their salaries. We need to redo the left side of the O-line, and we need bigger, more athletic LBers that can blitz, move Crowder to the middle and bring in some youth for the whole front 7 in general.