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Well maybe I was a bit extreme... But it was only a question LOL, I didn't presume anything except, that by asking what the cap hit would be, you're implying, and I'm inferring that your intention would to be getting rid of him.
I'm sorry if I took out my frustration on you, but reading the blogs, and comments from so-called fans is getting real old. I'm a season ticket holder, have been for 10 years. I live and bleed aqua & orange and now white trim and dark blue and etc.... I moved to Florida in the late 60's and was here for the perfect season, I've watched over the past dozen or so years how we've been mired in mediocrity based upon just being good enough to never get a decent draft. Now we finally get a "real" coach (maybe not a great media personality) but it must be hard to keep a cool head with the B.S. questions he has to endure. But people are already calling for the end of his tenure, PLEASE!, He has to get at least 4-5 years to make up for the lousy drafts that preceded him. And of all Dolphin luck, we finally get a 2nd and geez what a great draft year! As far as I'm concerned the only major mistake that "Nick" has made has been his choice between the Qb's he had this summer, (But he has an excuse for that, if it was truly the medical staff that advised against Breese) Speaking of him, realize that we could have drafted him in Wanny times but we choose the Jamar Fletcher at 26 when San Diego got him at 32 in the top of the 2nd) then we virtually had to pay San Diego to take him along with Feeley to get Cleo Lemon. Never-the-less I'm sorry for the attack, I just hope true Dolphin fans will give Saban at least as much time as Wanny had.
Now thats the kind of post i was looking for :wink: I also apologise for taking my frustrations out on you i overeacted to your comments. For the record i wasn't saying lets ditch Zach i'm just curious as to his cap numbers this year and in future years of his current deal because at some stage will we have to move on without him and i was curious as to which years of his deal that may or may not make sense.