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Thread: RB performance...

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    Quote Originally Posted by SR 7
    finally RB showed vision, poise, and patience with running the ball. I can recall about 5 plays where he had NOTHING and stopped for maybe a second, literally stopped, waited till the line and defense to fall into some mess and he found a hole for 4-5 yards and a few up to 10+ yards.

    waht abotu the one where he changed the field? that was amazing. reminded me of RW and some of the great RB's. that got me really excited.

    2 thigns that i see bother me... jsut a little...

    When RB gets in the open field, he doesnt have the jukes like LT, Portis, Martin, Taylor etc etc to take it to the house. I only see it when he is about 2 yards behidn the line and only wehn he catches the ball but when he is running and has momentum goin about past 5 yards, he doesnt have that juke.

    i noticed on 1 play where he did a spin move that seemed liek he did out of a habit b/c he had a hole, but it was gettin clogged and he could have gained some yards while he was stuck behind the RG i think and he did a lazy spin he usually does but more of a habit spin it seemed then to actually evade or anything.
    He needs to learn to use the stiff arm. Ricky would have busted that long 27 yard run, where he let the DB force him out of bounds, by stiffarming and/or running over the guy. Don't forget that Brown is only in his second year and is still developing. He had an awesome game so I feel bad to even complain about anything he did.
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    What has Braylon Edwards really done? He's doing alright but he really hasn't done well or great.
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