Harrington, on the other hand, might be crumbling under the weight of expectations to be the savior of the Lions. He is surrounded by an up-and-coming receiving trio, yet he is only completing 53.4 percent of his passes and averaging 167 yards a game. Harrington has exactly 500 yards passing on the season. Marc Bulger had 442 in his Week 4 loss to the Giants alone.

A lot of what harrington has done as a lion in regards to technique, he is still doing it as a dolphin. After getting a 2nd break with a team I would hope he is actually improving on those problems.

Watching Harrington drop back to pass is like watching someone trying not to fall through a sheet of ice into a freezing lake He's always on his tip-toes, and he never gets settled. Harrington's throws are usually high or behind his receivers. It's hard to follow through when you're jumping around the pocket like a little kid in a carnival bounce house. This was most evident on a third-quarter pass to Roy Williams. The wideout was open coming across the middle on first down and approaching the left sideline, but Harrington threw it too far behind Williams. He was sacked on the next play and an incompletion on third down forced the Lions to punt after starting with great field position. Harrington was too fidgety to even complete an easy one.

It's true that Joey never gets settled, this leads him to throw inaccurate. As the author stated with Roy Williams, Joey Harrington has a tendency to overthrow too far from behind. This was evident in the bears game twice on Chris Chambers and twice on Marty Booker. These are plays that could have gone for a touchdown and yet Joey Failed to execute plays that were for big chunks. He managed the game well but he had most of the help from Ronnie Brown and the offensive line. However, its important to have your players in a position to make plays and this is something he hasn't improve since he has been a lion. I suppose that he has had horrible quarterback coaching.

Harrington also looked rattled by the impending blitz all game. When he thought the vaunted Tampa Bay defense was going to bull rush, he checked off to draws and delays. The Bucs defense was too smart for that, plugging the gaps and stuffing Kevin Jones to the tune of 38 yards on 12 carries. It's almost as if Harrington was too scared to take the game into his own hands. The pressure has gotten to him.

I have to admit that Joey Harrington has improved upon this. At times of being rushed today in the chicago game, Joey threw a lot of passes to our receivers in tough coverage. Either how if you take away that problem then he has improved on that. However his inconsistency and putting too much pressure in passes has led to turnovers this season. A lot of dropped passes from our receiving group were due to too much pressure in those passes. He needs to learn how to give some finesse.

Even when Harrington was given a chance to redeem himself, the main play-calling was run, run, run. Terrence Holt intercepted a Brian Griese pass early in the fourth quarter and returned it 51 yards to the Buccaneers' 23-yard line, and it looked like the Lions would rally for the improbable win. On third-and-5, Harrington completed a pass to Mike Williams for 11 yards over the middle and it was first-and-goal! But then everything went conservative. Jones for no gain; Jones for two yards. Facing third-and-goal from the 5, Harrington wasn't close on a pass to Marcus Pollard as he was flushed out of the pocket. Once again, nerves came into play. After the field goal, Detroit ended up losing by four points.

A lot of times in the last couple of games we have experienced lots of chances in momentum. We reach the goal line and then Joey Fails to complete passes that could be crucial for a scoring drive. Too much pressure in his passes has killed the guy the whole season. He needs to learn how to settle down in the pocket and wait for things to develop.

In the end guys, any player out there that puts himself on the line to bring us a win is always welcomed. Joey in my opinion has the fire in him to win but if he can manage to become more accurate and not force the ball where he doesnt need to then we might see deep plays develop and perhaps start his career in a new fashion.