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Thread: Question concerning backup QB's

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    Question concerning backup QB's

    I remember a little while ago there was a post regarding the signing of Joe Germaine. Did anyone see him at the minicamp recently? I haven't heard anything about him or his play. I wonder if he has any chance of unseating Rosenfels as the #3

    Great Blue North draft report stated that after the big 6 QB's the one he'd most want as a developmental QB would be Josh Blankenship. How did he perform and thoughts on if we should put him on the p-squad? I believe you get an extra spot for a QB anyway. I am not real comfortable with the prospect of having Rosenfels as our sole developmental QB. I thought he looked pretty rattled for the few plays he appeared with us, and he was never a world beater in college. Known more for his running than his throwing.
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    Rosenfels looked very good in TC last year...
    Not only for the Skins but for us as well...
    He was 8 of 12 with 130 yds 2 tds and no picks against the Bears..
    Rosenfels known for his running ???? You must be confusing the guy with Seneca Wallace...Sage is definately a scrambler but that's just to buy more time...He's slower than Mare...
    Also Germaine is an interesting pickup..He was a 3rd rounder of the Rams who had high hopes for him...Didn't pan out but could compete for the 3rd spot...
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