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Thread: This is how you play bass...

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    This is how you play bass...

    Wait for it.......This guy was born in the wrong century.....
    At a television studio in Hollywood on Monday night, Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor was doing the fox trot. He probably was wearing makeup, too.
    About an hour south down Interstate 5, quarterback John Beck was on the verge of lining up his chicken nuggets in a shotgun formation.

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    Reviewer: katlac - 5 out of 5 stars - June 23, 2006
    Subject: they were sum kool kat's

    Wowwwwwwwww,that kool kat playing the bass was none other than the one and only Frank DeNunzio Sr. of Hersey,Pa.He played his stand bass up til he was in his early 90's.Sadly he passed away in february 2005,i had the honor of meeting this man
    in 1997,i married one of his grand daughter's,although i only knew him a few short year's,i could tell he was quite a caracter,i heard just a few storie's from "back in the day"
    and i wished i could of been there,everybody seem to have a good time...miss you pop pop


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