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Thread: Fan Forum Challenge! Create/Join a team!

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    Fan Forum Challenge! Create/Join a team!

    Welcome to the thread all! My goal, in this thread, is to provide details of current POC (Points of Contact) for those interested in “The Challenge”!

    The goal here is nothing more that to get a team, in each area where there is another NFL team and challenge their fans to a game of friendly competition. Here is how it works…

    There are 31 teams in the NFL other than us DOLFANS! Us DOLFANS are in every state and continent around the world! The goal is to form a team, in each area where another team, or fan base, may reside. This team would be made up of our own fans that wish to do battle with the other fans. While I would hope that 75% of each team representing the FINS would come from this forum, I know that this is not a likely expectation… However, each member of the team must either HATE the opposing team or be a FINFAN! Now I could spend DAYS and WEEKS trying to support and enforce this but I think you all may know where I am coming from…

    I don’t really think that I need to go into each team’s location as I am SURE that you know where you live at and know what team is close to you. If you really need that info, PM me and I will respond with “DON’T BOTHER”!!!

    Now there have been several responses to my thread “A Challenge”. Listed below are the names of those that have showed interest and could possibly be a point of contact for others… If you do NOT see anyone in your area, and you are interested in pursuing this adventure, please PM me and I will create another area. However, you must understand this, if you create the new area, you will be the POC for that area until such time that you identify another…

    Once you have formed your team, let me know. From there we can work together to get your team set up for a game with the neighboring competition… You need to let me know the following so that I may schedule and provide rules for the game…
    • Will it be tackle or flag
    • What schedule works best for you and your team
    • Who is the captain/POC for your team
    • You must fill out a form that identifies that all on the team have signed up to play with no risk of law suite or charges if they get hurt. I don’t need a copy from each one, but a single copy signed by all. This can be faxed to me…
    Upon the receipt of the above items, I will provide $500.00 to support your team in your area… The money is meant to be an offset for expenses for things like jerseys and anything else that you wish to spend it on… However, each team MUST submit a film of the game. And each team had BETTER be wearing a jersey/t-shirt that represents this site!!! I want to see at least a common jersey!!!

    Currently I have the following contacts in the following areas:



    Low Key



    Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia:

    Rules and REGS will follow and be specific to each game… i.e. Tackle vs Flag etc… This is meant to be FUN and fill in the void from the SB to pre-season… So if you wish to join a team or create a team, please PM me or respond to this post.

    FINS RULE!!!

    MODS... Could you sticky?
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