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Thread: Fan Forum Challenge! Create/Join a team!

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    Im from southern WVA, i guess i could do something like that
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    I have a contact here in Carolina. A guy on the Panthers forum, coincidentally, has been in the process of getting together a flag team anyway. He said we (FITM) have a great idea and he loved the idea of it. Now, I just have to get enough Dolphins fans together in this area to form a team to play them. It shouldn't be a problem though. I informed the guy (don't know his real name yet) that we would work out all the details and set up a time, date, and place.

    SCall13, Jr.
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    OK Gang... Spoke with the powers that are and they are willing to support this effort... They are even setting up a bucket for donations to support...

    Once we get a team committed, we can more forward and get you involved quickly!!!

    So come on and support the board in your area!!!

    Props to In Flames for the SICK SIG!
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