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Thread: New device combs hair into your comb-over

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    New device combs hair into your comb-over

    It's called the HairMax Laser Comb and the Food and Drug Administration is now allowing it to be sold as a treatment for the most common form of male baldness. NBC's Robert Bazell reports.

    Laser brush boosts number of thick hairs on balding scalps, company says

    Bald may be beautiful, but for guys who don't share that opinion, help could be on the way.

    A Florida company says it's come up with a handheld laser device that promotes hair growth. And now they say they've got the OK from federal regulators to sell it.

    The "Hairmax Lasercomb," as it's known, is a combination of a low-level laser and a comb. It went through a six-month clinical trial conducted by its manufacturer, Lexington International LLC., during which the device increased the number of thick hairs on the scalp.

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    bama - is all you do start threads all day, just to never post in them again? some of this "news" you post is several years old!
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