Apparently, this idea is being floated around as maybe the best way to increase the distance astronauts can travel on the moon without bulky equipment.

On the moon, cross-country skiing would be similar to "skating on a trampoline" here on Earth. You'd be able to basically float/bounce your way across long distances with very little energy expenditure.


"The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced plans last year to build a base on the moon by 2020, hoping to use the lunar outpost as a launchpad for exploring the solar system in future generations.

Apollo 17 astronaut Harry Schmitt said that future inhabitants of the moonbase should be taught Nordic skiing to travel around the moon, where lower gravity means large distances can be covered with minimum effort."

"On Apollo 17 we had a walkback distance of seven kilometers (four miles) ," Schmitt said. "I think that could have been increased by a factor of two."

"Cross-country skiing is the best way to move rapidly and easily across the surface of the moon without expending much energy. It's like skating across a giant trampoline," he said.

Also, when will the US finally win a damn medal in this sport at the Olympics?! :mad: