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Thread: we must land dolphins killer nate clements!

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    If we could aford him he would be the best freeagent pick up we have had in a while but he wants too much$$$ to bad he would be the guy that would make our defence whole
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    Quote Originally Posted by Can we win a SB View Post
    i dont care about the money this is the first time we can potentially have 20 million in cap and we have money to spend.. i believe in you get what you pay for..
    Well said.

    I read all this bitching about money and wonder how often a marquee player comes cheap?

    Dolfans are amazing. You want a franchise QB but god forbid it's with the 9th pick in the draft. You want solid FAs but don't want to dish out the money to land them. You want a Lombardi trophy but only if it comes cheap. I mean... ... are you kidding?

    I understand that throwing money around is not enough to reach the next level. Dan Snyder taught us that lesson well. But it's certainly part of the process. The problem is, instead of overpaying talent that will be ready for a museum in 4 years(Holliday age 31) we should be overpaying talent that will be reaching their peak in 4 years(Clements age 27).

    I'm cool with the Holliday sigining. I was just giving an example.

    We lack a shutdown corner. Nate Clements is among the best in the business. He's 6 ft, he's 27, he makes plays both INTs and tackles. We can afford to break bank on this guy and fill other roster spots via the draft.

    Use the link below and figure the amount of players that HAVE to get cut/restructured. It's bewildering what we are paying some hacks on our squad and we fans take it with a grain a salt becuase well, they're Dolphins. We say "Well, he's serviceable here or can be moved there" BS! If a guy is mediocre that's exactly what he is no matter what jersey he's wearing and should get paid accordingly. Take a look at cap hits from James, McKinney, Shelton to name a few. Excuse my french but **** that.


    Get these underachievers contract's re/un-done and get us youth, talent, experience, and production. Get us NATE CLEMENTS!

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