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Thread: Close Gore Friend/Financial Backer: 50-50 Chance Gore Enters The Race

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    Close Gore Friend/Financial Backer: 50-50 Chance Gore Enters The Race

    Gore is a deep-dyed Democrat; the real question is whether he will be a late entrant for the party nomination. He is "50-50," according to one of his closest friends and financial backers. On the one hand, Gore inquires about Manhattan office space for his business and charity ("It has to be a 'green' building," said this source, who didn't want to be named discussing Gore's affairs). On the other hand, he keeps his face in front of big donors, as he did at a recent dinner in Miami. Gore is all the rage among corporate executives, who see wisdom—and profits—in going green, and who appreciate Gore's prescience. "Al has set this up so he can jump either way in the fall," said the close friend. "If there is an opening, I say he goes."

    In the meantime, Gore practices the Zen of running-by-not-running. Some Democrats tout a team of Gore and Sen. Barack Obama, whose effort to overtake Hillary has stalled, at least temporarily. In this version, Gore enters Iowa late, storms to victory and asks Obama to be his running mate. "Gore-Obama is a very big ticket, probably unbeatable," said former Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska and current president of The New School university in New York City.

    Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18881809...wsweek/page/2/
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    A Gore-Obama ticket would be unstoppable I think. This country could use a change in that direction, I just don't see anybody else with the kind of resume that Gore has on either side. He has first hand knowledge at multiple levels of Gov't including the highest office, and he has the right vision for getting us headed back to peace and prosperity.

    Obama's biggest knock is lack of experience, he could do worse than to VP for 4-8 yrs for Gore and than be handed the keys in 2016.

    I just wish he'd get off his butt and run already.

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