The World Health Organization, the US National Institute of Health and others are expected to change their definition of gestational diabetes, based on an international study led by an Israeli medical team.

Gestational diabetes can cause serious complications in infants. The researchers, who studied 25,000 pregnant women, found that the level of glucose currently defined as indicating gestational diabetes has been set too high.
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In addition, more women will be treated in time and there will be fewer Ceasarean sections due to overly large babies. Large babies who are delivered vaginally are at risk for shoulder damage, which could be avoided if they are not oversized.
This part got to me. A few years ago I served as jury foreman for a baby that suffered permanent nerve damage in the shoulder due to being oversized. The new diagnosis would not have prevented the accident because the mother had already been diagnosed as an uncontrolled diabetic, but it brought back some painful memories.