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''I feel like my relationship with the Clippers is over,'' Odom said by telephone Wednesday. ``I don't really feel like they committed to me. If they were, this wouldn't be going on like this. I just feel like this is my time and my place and my chance to get out of there.''

''At the end of this year, I pretty much wanted out,'' Odom said. ``I'm tired of not having a place to practice, a place to get better. I think it's just my time to get out of there. . . . I've been trying to express myself as humble as possible, but I just want to get . . . out of there.''

''I know they did the thing with Elton Brand, but that was the obvious. They had to do that, . . .'' Odom said. ``I don't want to go through this again with the perception of Lamar Odom and having to win [Dunleavy] over and try to show him that I'm a good dude.

``I don't see how far we could go. From my understanding, no one wants to hire a disgruntled employee or bring a disgruntled employee back. I would not be happy coming back. I think my career is going to take off with the Heat. I'm running in muddy waters with the Clippers.''

''This is about me coming to play for a coach that I should have been playing with a long time ago, since my rookie season,'' Odom said. ``He tried to make the moves to come get me then [in a trade], and now it's time for him to come get me out of the basketball hell.

``I don't see myself playing for any other coach than Riley next year.''

Asked if he was worried the Clippers would match the Heat's offer simply out of spite, Odom said, ``To sign somebody back out of spite is gutless and is sorry. I just want to get as far away from the Clippers as possible.''
That's not the full article, just HUGE comments. Wow, are the Clips gonna match after that?! :eek: