Hi there,

I'm a Saints fan and very interested in going to see the game in London this fall v's the Chargers. I thought there was probably no better place to go for info than right here, as the Dolphins were the "home" team at last years game.

Anyway, I greatly appreciate your assistance - I've already got my airfare booked (3 days in London, 5 in Paris, possibly a marriage proposal in there somewhere!) and now the only thing left to do is get game tickets and London hotel reservations.

1. Last year did any Dolphins season ticket holders have the opportunity to buy JUST game tickets? It sounds like the Saints are gearing up to offer "travel packages" through their official travel company, but I have 0% interest in that. I'm a Saints season ticket holder (I actually have over 2 dozen seats on my account - some in the Club level) and so I'm hoping to be able to buy at face value directly from them.

2. How was the secondary market for this game both in the months leading up to kickoff and also over in London days before the game? Assuming I don't get face value tickets from the Saints, would I do better to wait and buy them on the street in London or maybe off eBay?

3. How much (on average) did many of you pay for game tickets last year? Over $100 each? Over $200 each? Over $300 each? Yipes, I hope I don't have to break the bank further.

4. Any random travel or London observations would be greatly appreciated. Fans helping fans and what-not.